A Fairy Bedroom Guys Will Like : Decorating For Couples

Whenever I see a husband and wife’s bedroom done all girly and feminine I always feel kinda bad for the guy. (I’m making an assumption, of course, that most guys would would probably prefer to not be swaddled in pink pastels and lacy things. And if you’re those of you […]

Whimsical Living Room #1 : Brainstorming

I decided to do something extra special in my living room. I wanted it to literally feel magical to all who entered it. Now I’m pretty good at knowing how I want something to feel, but actually turning it into real life can be difficult for me. Luckily I have […]

Whimsical Living Room #2 : Fake Fireplace

Even though the home is a rental we were allowed to paint the walls.  I went with Jennifer’s suggestion of two walls a darker teal color and two a lighter shade of the same. Subtle but awesome. After the painting was completed my first order of business was that I […]

Whimsical Living Room #5 : The Tree

Yep I’m a full fledged tree hugger. Because of this I like to surround myself with them even when I’m inside my home. I ordered this large vinyl tree on eBay. It was quite a bit of work putting it up, most of which Roy did. But it’s perfect!  This […]

Whimsical Living Room #7 : Mini Table Revamp

When I step into a Thrift Store I always feel like I’m embarking on a treasure hunt. No where else can you find such an array of the strange and unusual. I came across this small old accent table at one for $5.00. It was kinda rough looking but I […]

Whimsical Living Room #8 : Family Time Zone Wall

I had a rogue wall in my living room. It was a spot that nothing seemed to fit well. It was also left out of the original makeover sketches my daughter  Jennifer had sent over and hence it was the last thing to be completed. I had a big mirror […]

Whimsical Living Room #10 : Dust Catchers

This is my favorite part of redoing a room: adding the finishing touches. I’m talking about the photos, wall hangings and knick knacks or “Dust Catchers” as my mom refers to them.  As I’ve  been a collector of odd and unusual items for a few years I had plenty to […]

Whimsical Living Room #11 : Grande Finale Photos

Finally we come to the big reveal! Below are the overall photos of my new Whimsical Living Room. It is indeed a magical place to step into which was my goal from the start. Thank you for joining in on the journey! There is one last post after this one […]

Whimsical Living Room #12 : Before & Afters

I don’t care what the topic is… furniture, rooms, weight loss…. whatever.  There’s something about dramatic positive change that is so appealing to the senses. So here are my Whimsical Living Room before and afters side by side!    WHIMSICAL LIVING ROOM BEFORE & AFTER SHOTS WHIMSICAL LIVING ROOM POST […]

Whimsical Living Room Series

Who says you can’t do much with a rental home? This 12 part series shows each step of my living room makeover.  I hope you enjoy the series and it inspires you to bring a little magic into your home!   For a little help redoing your own rooms download […]

A Library Corner Everyone Loves

I’ve been surprised how this library spot seems to draw everyone in.  In this rental home I had to get creative in order to have a library so I came up with a method of using bookshelves as a wall and I made a nook on the side of one […]