Get Organized with Plastic Bottles

 What you need to get organized might very well already be in your house… or your trash can!  Soda bottles are perfect for making all types of containers to hold goodies. Use them on your desk, in drawers or hanging on the wall! This is another wonderful way to upcycle. […]

World Globe Makeover

I love globes and I’ve seen some of the awesome makeovers people have done with old ones. So I hit eBay looking for one I could purchase and re-do. Ends up even used ones in poor shape were pretty pricey. But I kept checking and eventually found one that I […]

Curtain Pull Backs From Old CD/DVDs

Want a super creative way to hold back your curtains? Well, here it is! It’s an upcycle project that uses an old CD and a chopstick (or a dowel.) Decorate them with some ribbon, artificial flowers and a glue gun and you can make them match any color scheme you […]

Little Sock Chicks

This cute little pair of chickies can be made in a matter of minutes! All you  need is a pair of toddler socks, some ribbon and anything you’d like to use for eyes. Put them in an Easter basket, give them as gifts or even turn into sachets by adding […]

Inexpensive Lovely Serving Platter

This platter is ALL PLASTIC and cost me $2.00 to make. All it took was a set of clear plastic plates and a set of cups from the dollar store. (My daughter Jennifer helped with the decor ideas for this one.) Grab some photos, paper and ribbon and you can […]

CD Envelope Treat Holder With Printables

This is a fun little way to give someone a special treat whether it be as a “thank you” for something or “just because”.  They’re perfect for holidays like Valentines day! All you need is some CD envelopes and our free printable labels. The envelops are the perfect size for […]

Lovely Jewelry Stand From CD Spool

This upcycle  jewelry stand is made from a plastic CD holder that comes with every stack of 100 count CDs or DVDs. Pretty clever huh?  It also uses a small (as in circumference) tube from a roll of foil.  A little paint, paper and felt and you’ve got a beautiful […]

Charming Soda Bottle Bracelet DIY

You won’t believe what these beautiful bracelets are made from.  A plastic soda bottle and some scraps. I could have made about 50 of them they are so quick and easy.  Ahhh… I can see it now.  A whole wardrobe of colorful bracelets to match any outfit. (If this were […]

Gratitude Jar Activity Table Decor

Another great upcycle mason jar craft that creates an elegant yet simple table decoration and activity for Thanksgiving.  Download and print out the provided gratitude cards and the wonderful quote. Decorate your jar with the idea provided or with just some ribbon or raffia and set it on your table […]

Specimen Jar Halloween Decor from Plastic Bottles

Remember our fun cloches from soda bottles tutorial? Well they also work wonderfully as specimen jars for your spooky Halloween decor. I hit up the local Dollar Store which has an endless supply of ghoulish things to stick in them. I chose a skull on the spooky end and a […]

TP Roll Black Candles Halloween Decor

I love upcycle crafts that don’t resemble the item they are upcycled from. This Halloween Decor  fits the bill and they are so fun to make! You can of course make them any color for any holiday. Everything you need can pretty much be bought from the dollar store. I […]

Plastic Bottle Crafts

  The best and most unique plastic bottle crafts anywhere! We used soda bottles for most of ours but any plastic bottles work great! You’ll find a growing selection of ideas on this page, many of which are useful items.  Soda bottle crafts are awesome!

Soda Bottle Flower Stamp

The bottoms of soda bottles make great stamps for fabric or paper. I made a quick wall hanging using them. You have to make sure you get a bottle that has a more flat surface on the bottom area or else you’ll just get dots for petals!  I used a […]

Thrift Store Caddy Makeover

This caddy came from a thrift store.  I love anything organizey so I grabbed it for $1. It’s not that it looked too bad but I wanted a bit more modern style. With a little paint, some paper, ribbon and Mod Podge I gave it a face lift! \ Visual […]