Saturn Model – Cosmic Creativity!

Now this is an interstellar beauty! And it takes just a few minutes to make! It’s so easy you could create your own solar system of planets! All you need is a little paint, a Styrofoam ball, a CD and some glue  and glitter. So get started creating your own […]

Outside Snack Holder DIY (CD & Plastic Cup)

What a fun and charming way to have a snack while you’re outside throwing a party, BBQ or just lounging around enjoying the day!  These are perfect for any occasion as you can color them up in any way you choose!  All this simple upcycle project takes is one  CD […]

Coffee Filter Twinkle Light Flowers

This is another idea courtesy of our daughter Jennifer who’s creativity knows no bounds. We are both fans of twinkle lights. She was visiting Roy and I for a week and I awoke one morning to find these lit up on a shelf.  The supplies? A string of twinkle lights, […]

Easy Soda Bottle Tools: Drip Catcher, Funnel, Scoop & Pasta Holder

We’ve got a few simple upcycle things you can make with soda bottles! I use these myself regularly and they are awesome! Some work best with specific sizes of bottles. Basic Supplies X-acto Knife Glue Gun Goo Gone Dry Erase Markers (Perfect for marking the bottles) Various Sizes of Soda […]

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas : Soda Bottles!

If you like creative gift wrapping ideas, this one will be remembered by the receiver as much as the gift itself!  It’s perfect  for giving a set of small items such as office supplies, makeup, jewelry, etc.  They are fun to make and can be decorated in a variety of […]