Printable Fun Quote for Your Chiropractor

Many years back I heard of a chiropractor that had this sign in his office and I never forgot it. I love it when controversy is embraced with humor. Our chiropractor has literally saved Roy from being crippled, all without making a single cut on his body or without a […]

Make a Quick Love Note Kit

Here’s a fun way to show people that you love them. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike as they look for sneaky places to leave the notes! It’s an inexpensive Love Note Kit you can whip up in no time. Everything you need just might be lying around the […]

Free Halloween Cootie Catcher Template

Paper fortune tellers have been around for decades. We called them “Cootie Catchers” when I was a kid. I made this one just for Halloween.  My daughter Jennifer did all the artwork shown.  I’ve provided a downloadable pdf that you can print, cut, fold and use. There are four versions. […]