Get Your Free Download for an Amazing 3D Dragon Craft

Nothing beats a good dragon craft. Being a fan of things mystical, magical and whimsical, dragons also fall into that category. My home has touches of all these things in most of my rooms, some subtle, some not so subtle. My home office is one of the not so subtle […]

Appreciate a Dragon Day : Fantastic Ideas!

  Yes… there is indeed an official day to celebrate dragons! January 16th of every year is  “Appreciate a Dragon Day“. It’s one of those  observances you might not be aware of unless of course you travel in dragon circles.  We’re big fans of dragons over here so we decided […]

Dragon Cake : A Visual DIY

  This guy was so awesome we felt bad eating him! What little kid… or even grownup would not love a dragon cake! Our daughter Jennifer made this and I wanted to share it though we only have a few visuals. The photos were taken long before I decided to […]

How To Make a Small Dragon Egg

This is are second dragon egg post! The first was a larger version made with a foam egg and thumbtacks.  This is a smaller one in a completely different style. Supplies Regular plastic Easter eggs or any plastic egg. ( You could even use silly putty eggs from the dollar […]