Make PDF eBooks From a Paperback or Hardback Book

Have you ever wanted to read a book on your Kindle or other eReader but quickly learned that there were no digital versions available? That’s happens more times than I can count on older books and as I’m someone who’s gotten pretty spoiled to only reading electronically it’s pretty annoying. […]

Curtain Pull Backs From Old CD/DVDs

Want a super creative way to hold back your curtains? Well, here it is! It’s an upcycle project that uses an old CD and a chopstick (or a dowel.) Decorate them with some ribbon, artificial flowers and a glue gun and you can make them match any color scheme you […]

Little Sock Chicks

This cute little pair of chickies can be made in a matter of minutes! All you  need is a pair of toddler socks, some ribbon and anything you’d like to use for eyes. Put them in an Easter basket, give them as gifts or even turn into sachets by adding […]

No Sew Soft Sleeping Masks (plus sewn version)

I had some left over fleece from another project (i.e. arm warmers)  and I wanted to use it somehow. This stuff is SO soft and comfortable against the skin that I thought sleeping masks would be a great choice.  I whipped up a basic pattern and had a couple made […]

Kitty Cat Trio

You might remember our black cat set we made from 2×4’s for Halloween. These are some other color kitty cats that you can display year round! A Siamese, a Tabby and Calico, though you can of course paint any breeds you wish.  This is another craft designed by our very […]

Treat Holder from CD DVD Spool : CD Crafts Ideas

This nifty little recycled treat display holder is part of our CD Crafts category. Its made from a spindle container that houses 50  CDs or DVDs.  It’s perfect for holding bagels, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other small food items and a wonderful unique way to give a special treat to […]

Aromatic Fire Starter Kit & Matchbox Covers

These are great little gift kits you can cheaply make for friends who have fireplaces! They not only help start the fire they fill the home with a wonderful aroma.  There are a variety of ways to make them but I went the quick and easy way and used dry […]

Quick Fleece Arm Warmers Tutorial & Pattern

These are so cozy and feel so good against your skin and it only takes about 20 minutes to whip up a pair.  You can adorn them however you wish with buttons, ribbons, appliques etc. Fleece comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns so you could literally have […]

DIY Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Gift Set

Here’s a crazy unique Halloween  gift you can give friends that’s not only hilarious but useful as well! Its a Trick or Treat Smell My Feet gift set with all the instructions and downloads you need below. You may remember that we did an article on how to make Natural […]

Specimen Jar Halloween Decor from Plastic Bottles

Remember our fun cloches from soda bottles tutorial? Well they also work wonderfully as specimen jars for your spooky Halloween decor. I hit up the local Dollar Store which has an endless supply of ghoulish things to stick in them. I chose a skull on the spooky end and a […]

TP Roll Black Candles Halloween Decor

I love upcycle crafts that don’t resemble the item they are upcycled from. This Halloween Decor  fits the bill and they are so fun to make! You can of course make them any color for any holiday. Everything you need can pretty much be bought from the dollar store. I […]

Gnome In A Cup : A Fun DIY Nature Craft

This little craft combines a little magic with a little nature.  It’s great for kids and adults alike.  I made one gnome in a soda bottle bottom and one in a glass cup. I actually liked the soda bottle version better because I was able to adjust the height. Supplies […]

Plastic Bottle Crafts

  The best and most unique plastic bottle crafts anywhere! We used soda bottles for most of ours but any plastic bottles work great! You’ll find a growing selection of ideas on this page, many of which are useful items.  Soda bottle crafts are awesome!

Soda Bottle Flower Stamp

The bottoms of soda bottles make great stamps for fabric or paper. I made a quick wall hanging using them. You have to make sure you get a bottle that has a more flat surface on the bottom area or else you’ll just get dots for petals!  I used a […]

Unique Clothespin DIY Ideas

Pimp Your Keys : Plus Removable Bling!

I just bought a unique car that’s all mine and its so me. Since my car matches who I am so we well I wanted to decorate my keys to do the same. I only have three keys on my keyring but I have a ton of bling. My keys […]

Dragon Cake : A Visual DIY

  This guy was so awesome we felt bad eating him! What little kid… or even grownup would not love a dragon cake! Our daughter Jennifer made this and I wanted to share it though we only have a few visuals. The photos were taken long before I decided to […]

Make Quick & Pretty Hand Fans

Make these quick hand fans in minutes using a traditional wood clothespin and some heavy scrapbook paper. Wrap a little ribbon or twine around them and you have a beautiful way to cool off! You can make a dozen of these for parties or even lovely gifts in any colors […]