My Favorite Crafting Supplies: Craft Glue

I’m guessing I’ve tried over 20 different types of craft glue  in the past couple of years trying to find the best ones I need to specific crafting jobs.  As a crafter I’ve been through a multitude of different tools as I’ve strove to find the best ones for my […]

Quick Cardboard Pull Out Cabinet Organizer

My lack of patience has created more post fodder than you can imagine. Case in point. I was redoing my master bathroom and it was “almost” finished. The only thing left was for Roy to make me a wood slide out drawer. Sort of a pull out cabinet organizer for […]

How to Make Whimsical Paper Town Shelf Sitters for Pennies!

These paper town shelf sitters are great for placing on high shelves that you really never quite know what to put there. They’re whimsical, unique and cost mere pennies to make! They are, of course wonderful for kids rooms or like me, an adult who likes unique and fun decor […]

My New Self Made Wood Desk Organizer with Extras

Consider this an inspiration post and I must admit, this wood desk organizer was not a planned post until after the fact. So there are no photos of it being built. I’ve had requests for it so here it is! It was made to fit my exact desk space and […]

DIY Makeup Storage : Case Study

This didn’t start out as a post, it started out as a personal need.  I hadn’t planned on doing a DIY makeup storage post but then I thought, why not since I’m doing the project for myself anyway. I’d been redoing my master bathroom and I was at the place […]

Won’t Kill You if You Drink it DIY Disinfectant Cleaner

I hate having my cupboards filled with toxic cleaners. But it’s also important that what I use does the job. I needed not only a good natural cleaner but a good DIY disinfectant cleaner. After going through several recipes and doing some research I’ve come up with one I feel […]