Unique Light Fixtures You Can Make In Minutes On the Cheap

One of the things I find the most difficult to do on a budget is create unique light fixtures. Normal ones are pretty bleh and nice one’s are mega expensive. You can come up with your own ideas, and I’ve check out plenty, but that can be tricky due to […]

Unique & Simple Tissue Paper Flower Window Treatment Ideas

This is one of the more clever ways to decorate a window that just had blinds on it. It’s gorgeous and can be a focal point for the room if desired! And all it takes is a few tissue paper flowers that are so simple to make, a 6 year […]

Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series : Cup Dispenser

This hanging cup dispenser can be placed just about anywhere you need it… kitchen, bathroom, even on the fridge if it has a water dispenser. It’s part of our matching Contemporary Kitchen Craft series and shows just how many awesome and useful things you can make upcycling plastic soda bottles. […]

Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series : Tall Pasta Containers

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most useful. These tall pasta containers come from our Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series and they are about as simple as you can get but they sure are great for holding longer pasta like spaghetti and linguini. Add a little paint and labels and […]

Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series : Bag Dispenser

This kitchen bag dispenser is another item from our matching Contemporary Kitchen Craft Set. It’s perfect for for holding those plastic bags you get from the grocery store. Stuff ’em in and then pull ’em out at the bottom when you need one. They’re fun and easy to make and […]

Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series : Baker’s Twine Dispenser

This is part of our matching Contemporary Kitchen Craft Series set. Its a baker’s twine or string dispenser and as with all the items in this series, it looks nice and its upcycled from a soda bottle! It’s very easy to make and it’s incredibly handy to have for dispensing […]

Fun & Unique Guest Bathroom Ideas & Makeover

We have two bathrooms in our home, one in the hallway and then a master bath in Roy and my bedroom. The hall bathroom is pretty much the boys/guest bathroom as our son lives here too and as is my typical MO (method of operation) I wanted to make it […]

DIY Bohemian Style Jars & Free Printables

These Bohemian Style lights will brighten up your home inside or out. They are reminiscent of our Woodland Mason Jar Light only Boho Style! We’ve got a free sheet of printables you can cut out to choose from and make your own inserts. Make one or a full set in […]

Girly Car Accessories: Removable DIY Hood Ornaments

If you like girly car accessories, be you gal or guy cause we don’t judge, we’ve got some exciting news for you! You can make your own DIY hood ornament! In fact you can make a whole set of them because they’re removable. The best part is they’re so easy […]