Simple Small DIY Cake Stand With A Variety of Uses!

This small DIY cake stand “can” be used for cake without the top tier but it’s really meant  for holding fruit, cookies, nuts, candy, cupcakes tea bags etc. Made from clay pots, it’s simple and inexpensive to make and looks lovely sitting on your counter or table or buffet. In […]

Elegant DIY Clay Pot Sugar Dispenser

This DIY clay pot sugar dispenser is a more elegant version of our Lovely Little DIY Sugar Bowl that we made for our Kitchen Decorating Ideas. It looks beautiful on your counter or where ever you choose to place it. It’s simple and inexpensive to make using only a simple […]

Gold & Teal DIY Gumball Machine For Candy etc.

This beautiful gold & teal version of the classic DIY gumball machine would look gorgeous anywhere in your home! It’s made from an inexpensive clay pot & a glass bowl and is super easy to make.  We used ours for candy treats. If you like clay pot crafts, you’ve got […]

$2 Thrift Store Chairs to Gorgeous DIY Bench Seat

I had a spot in my office that was perfect for a bench seat. I wanted  it to have a back and I wanted it to be padded so it would be comfy for visitors in my office. Have you ever priced those? $300 and up and that’s before you […]

How to Make a Stunning Seasonal DIY Table Centerpiece

This table centerpiece is our own creation. We call it our  “Peek-a-Boo Centerpiece” and here’s why. It’s not only cost effective, as you can change it up for any season or holiday, but get this: <whispers> It has a secret compartment.<end whisper>.  You can lift out the pegboard section that […]

Our Amazing Outdated Kitchen Transformation Final Reveal

This post marks the end of a series on our outdated kitchen transformation. There’s ten posts in all, some of them are just fun little things we did to add into the kitchen such as the Little DIY Sugar Bowl and others are larger projects such as a Built in […]

How to Make Your Own Elegant Path Lights from Soda Bottles

Your home will glimmer in the night with these elegant gold and silver DIY path lights. They are made from plastic soda or water bottles, battery operated tea lights and a dowel so they are cost effective, energy saving up-cycles to boot! And they’re so much fun to make. You […]

How to Make Chinese Lanterns For Ambient Light Day or Night

We’re going to show you how to make Chinese Lanterns that you can string up using light strands. We’ve done a larger version of these using tea lights but this small updated version is not only easier to make, they are much easier to maintain. Use them for parties inside  […]

Spice Up Your Kitchen with These Delightful DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas

I’ve got some, fun unique (you know how I love the unique stuff!) DIY ideas for decorating your kitchen that are low cost, plus some tips to make your kitchen pop. This is the last stage of our Outdated Kitchen Makeover before the final reveal. (eeeeeek…. I’m SO excited!!!!)  Many […]

DIY Handkerchief Bunny with Special Easter Greetings Poem

For you older folks this might take you back a few years. When I was little my dad showed me how to make a hankie bunny where you fold a cloth handkerchief into a little rabbit. They’re as cute as can be so I decided to show how to make […]