Mini Felt Bunnies for a Variety of Uses : Easter Crafts

These cute little bunnies can be used for a multitude of things for adults and kids alike. Put them on hair clips. Make pins out of them to wear. Add them to an Easter bouquet.  Use them on place cards. And that’s just a few ideas! They take less than […]

A Make Do Small Kitchen Island From What We Had

Our kitchen isn’t all that big but when we did our outdated kitchen transformation, I felt like there was room for a small kitchen island. You know… like an islet. The extra room would be so helpful. I didn’t want to spend the bucks on one and Roy would have […]

Metro Modern Self Watering Planters from Soda Bottles

These very unique planters are not only upcycles, they are self watering therefor are much more hands off than many plants. You busy folks will appreciate that! They are made from soda bottles and the gold spray paint really gives them a metro modern feel. If you enjoy these check, […]

A Touch of Gold DIY Planters from Soda Bottles

DIY planters never looked so good! But then a touch of gold makes everything better! These are perfect to use for starting plants and especially for herbs on the window sill. In fact we’ve provided a sheet of  pretty printable herb markers you can cut out and glue onto craft […]

Cute Frameable Floppy Eared Bunny Easter Decorations

This year, add a cute little floppy eared bunny to your Easter decorations. He only takes 5 minutes to make when framed, he’s a classy little addition to Easter time. He also makes a great gift.  All you need is some paper, glue, scissors our free pattern below and a […]

Make a Kitchen Trash Can on Wheels to Fit Any Spot!

Evidently we make a lot more garbage than normal people because our kitchen trash can is always overflowing. I’ve tried my hardest to find a supersize rectangular trash can but to no avail. I’ve even tried using  things like hampers but I can never find just the right one to […]

Matching DIY Cup Dispenser Bathroom Set From Soda Bottles

You know how we love upcycles around here. Well, this matching bathroom set, which includes an awesome cup dispenser, is upcycled from three soda bottles, believe it or not! You can paint it any color you want and the labels are a free download below. The cup dispenser could actually […]

How to Make the Laziest DIY Lazy Susan Ever!

This is one of the most awesome upcycle projects ever and its incredibly useful and so cheap to make! All you need are some marbles and 2 cheap cake pans to make a Lazy Susan that works as well as the one’s you buy.  With a little spray paint and […]

Quick & Classy Entryway Shoe Rack & Aromatherapy Plus Frameable Reminder

There are many reasons that people prefer to take their shoes off before entering their home. Cleanliness and custom being the top two. For those of you who do, we’ve created a quick and classy entryway shoe rack that comes with a bonus of aromatherapy, so not only is there […]

Build a Beautiful and Affordable Pantry Door Organizer

I’m not one to waste space, especially in a small home. After getting my simple diy pantry built in as part of our outdated kitchen transformation, the back of that pantry door was just staring at me all empty-like. So I asked Roy if he could pleeeeease make me a […]