Darling Dollar Store Plastic Plate Kitchen Wall Decor

This charming kitchen wall decor cost us $1.00 to make. Dollar Tree carries these bright plastic plates and platters regularly. The set we did for our kitchen, assuming you have trouble with basic addition, was $3.00.  I actually cheated a bit and used my Silhouette Portrait to cut vinyl letters […]

Add Space & Convenience with a Simple DIY Pantry

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this but we were using a stand up clothes armoire as a simple DIY pantry in our kitchen because we didn’t have enough space to hold all our food stuffs. Hey, you do what you need to do.  And I needed more space for […]

Make a Country Kitchen Chicken Wire Frame Memo Board with Faux Succulents

I always wanted a chicken wire frame memo board and when we did our kitchen transformation, I decided to add one into my new kitchen. We’d used chicken wire once before in a really popular Dream Catcher Vision Board  but this one was meant to be kitchen oriented, though I […]

Kitchen Keepsake : If These Walls Could Talk

I’m a keepsake person. Not to be confused with a hoarder, mind you. I’ve saved things from my own childhood and my children’s childhood through the years. I don’t keep every little scrap of paper they ever brought home. Only the best and most special things are kept and then […]

The Beginning of an Amazing Outdated Kitchen Transformation

See that look on my oldest daughter Jennifer’s face? That’s the unrehearsed snapshot moment she walked into my kitchen for the first time. When Roy and I purchased our 1st home in 37 years of marriage, (a unique story in itself), the kitchen was like a time warp back to […]

The Ultimate Pinecone Craft: Stunning Succulent Home Decor

If you’ve always liked succulents but didn’t want the hassle of watering them or the tediousness of making them from paper, this pinecone craft will amaze you! In a matter of minutes you can have a bowl full of stunning succulents you never have to touch again. They just sit […]

Classy Thrift Store Retro Coaster Photo Upcycling Project

Have you ever been walking through a thrift store looking for your next upcycling project and saw something that screamed “take me home and turn me into something awesome!” That’s what happened with this little retro coaster set. It was the proverbial puppy looking at me with big brown eyes. […]

How to Make a Quick Heart Keyring from a Plastic Lid

If you’re looking for a small token for Valentines day or anytime, here’s cute little heart keyring you can make while saving the planet!  OK, that might be a little extreme but it does use up a plastic lid, which hopefully you grabbed by digging in your neighbors trash… those […]

3 Minute DIY Bracelets

You got three minutes? You got an old t-shirt? Add in a heart shaped pony bead and now what you’ve got  are 3 minute DIY bracelets! Make them in bulk using our free printable cards for Valentines day giveaways or just make them to wear. It’s a wonderful way to […]