Valentines Crafts: Two Halves of One Heart Gift

Have you been searching for those unique valentines crafts ideas? Well, here’s one we bet you’ve never seen before!  That’s bold statement to make now a days! It’s two halves of one heart made from plastic soda bottles and it’s the perfect gift for a couple.  Then we thought, what […]

How to Make Your Own Quick Inexpensive Power Texting Gloves

Do you love to text? Are your hands cold? Do you get tired of taking your gloves on and off so you can text?   Power Texting Gloves to the rescue! They’re inexpensive, simple to make and best of all you can add whatever power words you’d like and save all […]

Pretzel & Gummy Heart Valentine Gift Idea

Here’s a quick little Valentine gift idea to give someone you’re fond of or who you just plain old adore. They literally take seconds to make and are as cute as a bug’s ear. And we all know how cute those are! Just grab some small stick pretzels and some […]

How to Make a Soda Bottle Pillow Box

A pillow box is a nifty little invention that’s perfect for putting a small gift in. They are magically self closing and most are made from cardstock. But we’re going to show you how to  make one from a plastic soda bottle! It’s easy and fun. Plus pillow boxes aren’t […]

15 Minute Removable $3 Geometric Door Decorations

Have you ever had a time when you’re really in the mood for some sort of change in your home but your budget just won’t allow for it at the moment? #raisedhand  Well, this is where our geometric door decorations come in  handy. For the price of a roll of […]

Shockingly Chic Foam Board Lightning Bolt Cheap Wall Decor Statement Piece

We made this cheap wall decor lightning bolt from a piece of foam that came packed in some furniture but the foam board you buy at the store works just as well. Most Dollar Stores, Craft Stores and Walmart carries it. You could literally make any design but this one […]

Before & After Modern Geometric Painted Dining Table

Don’t throw away that old furniture! All you need is a little paint and, in this case, you’ve got a Modern Geometric painted dining table. Pretty amazing transformation isn’t it? This is part of our “Buff Your Stuff” series whose sole purpose is to inspire you to transform old things […]

How to do a Sturdy & Stunning Granite Contact Paper Countertop Makeover

Doing a contact paper countertop makeover has been a popular way to inexpensively cover up an old ugly countertop. Granite contact paper is typically used as it resembles a real granite countertop  and while if done well it looks awesome, this comes with a variety of inherent problems. Well, we’re […]

How to Make a Huge Washi Tape Post-It Note Wall Calendar

Get organized with a gigantic wall calendar!  As you might know, huge wall calendars are not only hard to find but also really expensive. Well, here’s a way to make your own using Washi tape and its not only inexpensive but a fun eye catching focal point. Ours was used […]