Start the New Year Fresh with a Burning Bowl Ceremony!

The burning bowl is a fun visual way to let go of all the “stuff” that is not working for you.  This could be anything from a behavior or habit you’d like to stop to an addiction or a relationship that’s not healthy for you. It can be anger or […]

Unique New Years Resolution Ideas Kit & Casual Resolutions!

This is our 3rd year to update this popular kit. It’s full of new ideas, new colors, a new calendar and this time we have a quote craft we’re also linking to go with it to help inspire you! Believe it or not, its time again to make those New […]

Get Inspired with 10 Free Motivational Quotes & Classy Display Stand

We’ve found yet another wonderful way to upcycle candle stick holders and turn them into a beautiful classy display for motivation quotes, ten of which we provide free below. This is a perfect match to go with our New Years Resolution Ideas Kit & Casual Resolutions. Change them in and […]

Printable Fun Quote for Your Chiropractor

Many years back I heard of a chiropractor that had this sign in his office and I never forgot it. I love it when controversy is embraced with humor. Our chiropractor has literally saved Roy from being crippled, all without making a single cut on his body or without a […]

Unique Fun Personalized Gift Tags Anyone Can Make

We created these personalized gift tags and they were a HUGE hit. We got a bunch of photos printed at the local 1 hour place and then sat down with a tag punch and punched away. If you have a large family, you can make it even more fun by […]

How to Make 10 Minute Candy Cane Christmas Candles

If you need a last minute table centerpiece, holiday gift or even something simple that the older kids can make, these candy cane Christmas candle sticks are perfect! All the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store which is yet another bonus. They are beautiful and you can, of […]

How to Make a Reversible Pillow from Dollar Store Santa Hats

Four dollar store Santa hats and some felt  that’s all you need to make this darling two sided Santa pillow. It does require a small amount of straight sewing. But I use hot glue for the rest. Feel free to sew it all if you like! You end up with […]

How to Make a Magical Snowy Mason Jar Craft with Gift Poems

Bring a little magic into your home with this snowy mason jar craft made with good old fashioned Epsom salt! Even children help make them and use the salt to mimic snow. It’s very safe. Add a real or battery operated candle in your jar when it’s finished and set […]

How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon and a Thumbtack

I’ve never liked putting holes in my doors and I was also never a fan of those metal or plastic over the door wreath hangers either. When I learned how to hang them with ribbon, I’ve never looked back. Then I took it a step further and created by own […]

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Soda Bottles

If you’re always on the lookout for unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas, we’ve got some that will blow you away! Whether it’s for a small gift for a family member or a next door neighbor treat, the packaging will put a smile on the face of the receiver as much […]

Quick 3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Fudge Recipe!

The only thing better than a good chocolate fudge recipe is a quick 3 ingredient healthy chocolate fudge recipe!  Well we gotcha covered!  Honey, coconut oil and cocoa or cacao if you prefer.  A few minutes in your fridge and it’s ready to eat.  Good any time of year, it’s […]