Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Decorations for a Gorgeous Mantle

You won’t believe how gorgeous your mantle can be with these homemade Christmas decorations! Some of them cost pennies to make and we’ve got a free elegant quote you can download to add into the mix. Our mantle is made of things we created through past posts with a couple […]

Christmas Caps for Visitors

Let your visitors join in the holiday festivities by donning a Christmas cap that you keep conveniently hanging next to the front door! Choose one of four sayings or a poem that is sure to make them smile. You can get the hats at any Dollar store and the hanger […]

How to Make a Small Burlap Christmas Tree Using Hangers

This rustic little tree is made with six plastic hangers, some twinkle lights and burlap. It’s a great little, easy upcycle project and would make a perfect tree for a small family or an extra tree for another room in the home. Set it in a window and light it […]

How to Make Poinsettia Lights Using Twinkle Lights & Tissue Paper

Brighten up your holiday with these beautiful poinsettia lights made using twinkle lights, red and green tissue paper and some floral tape. They are just gorgeous and add a touch of magic to where you place them. If you love poinsettias you can also learn how to make poinsettia placemats, […]

How to Make a Quick 20″ Christmas Peace Wreath

What’s more festive at Christmas than a wreath and what fits the meaning of Christmas more than a Christmas peace wreath complete with a peace on earth quote? All you need is some inexpensive garland, some burlap, hot glue and foam board. You could even use cardboard for the wreath […]

Free Poinsettia Printable Christmas Placecards

Make these beautiful 3D placecards by downloading our free printable below. Print it on cardstock and add a bit of gold glitter and you have a sparkly addition to your Christmas table. It’s a perfect match to our Poinsettia Placemats or Centerpiece! Also, even though you’re working with a tiny […]

How to Make Quick Elegant Poinsettia Christmas Placemats

These elegant poinsettia Christmas placemats can also be used as centerpieces or even wall hangings! All you need is a 12″ piece of square felt and some fake poinsettias and a hot glue gun. They are  easy to make and would be great as a gift. In fact, you could […]

How to Make Wooden Reindeer from Twigs & Branches

These festive little wooden reindeer are a mixture of modern and rustic style and only require some tiny branches off your tree. Add twine and a bell and they’re complete! The best part is you can make them any size. And I mean any size. We made small 5″ ones […]

How to Make Quick Elegant Leafy Autumn Placemats

We made these beautiful autumn placemats from a large sized piece of felt and some fall leaves we had previously purchased at the dollar store. I say we because this was my daughters inspiration and my implementation.. We were both amazed at how gorgeous it turned out.  It can be […]

Fun Upcycled Portable Recipe Holder

I’ve tried many recipe holders in my kitchen, the most recent was attaching a clip to my cupboard. The problem is I move around a lot while cooking. I decided what I needed was a portable recipe holder. I also needed one that would hold not only cards but also […]

How to Make Gratitude Reminder Tokens for Being Thankful

Being thankful can be difficult when life gets in the way and the daily grind gets us down. Even teens and kids get stressed out with school and chores. Our Gratitude Tokens can help!  Well, we have two printable versions that work for adults, teens and kids alike to help […]