How to Make a Tribal Burden Basket For a Peaceful Home

Burden baskets come from various Native American culture. They were used for gathering crops and once a woman returned home she would hang her basket on the front door. Native American’s consider their home a sacred space and the basket was a symbol that visitors were to leave all worries, […]

How to Install an On/Off Switch to Your Glue Gun in 10 Minutes!

For some reason it’s really hard to find a glue gun with an on off switch. I know because I’ve searched and searched. My small detailed glue gun has one but I needed a larger gun. After researching I found the gun I wanted but alas… no switch. That means […]

How to Make Simple Creepy Gothic Jewelry with Hot Glue

If you’re looking for some quick Halloween costume extra’s or just some Gothic jewelry, you can make these in about 10 minutes with a hot glue gun! They look awesome and kids and adults both can wear them. We’ve got patterns for a variety of styles or you can make […]

How to Make 5 Minute Trash Bag Bat Halloween Decorations

These full size bats are the easiest Halloween decorations to create and you probably already have what you need to make them sitting right in your cupboard. A large black trash bag will make one full size bat with nothing else but a little dab of paint for the eyes. […]

Learn How to Make Ghost, Monster & Zombie Survival Sprays!

Are you bothered by zombies?  Do ghosts keep you awake at night? Do monsters sneak up on you when you least expect it?  Then you need to whip up some batches of ghost, monster and zombie survival sprays! Use Monster Be Gone, Zombie Be Gone and Ghost Be Gone and […]

How to Make a Quick Burlap Wreath with an Embroidery Hoop

Quickly & inexpensively decorate your door or walls with this darling owl burlap wreath! All you need is a little burlap material & one side of an 8″ embroidery hoop! We decorated it with our Whimsical Wood Slice Owls. They are so easy to make, you could make one for […]

How to Make a Fun Monster Eye Pong Party Game

The game “beer pong” has been around for quite a while. Well we’ve got a non-alcoholic version that makes a great party game! Monster eye pong is easy to make and fun to play for adults and kids alike. All you need is 9oz plastic cups and some ping pong […]

How to Make Simple Wood Slice Owl Decor

Make this simple wood slice owl decor with a single wood tree slice and some felt! They can be used to adorn just about anything! Put them on a wreath, make a door hanging or centerpiece or make a small one for a pin! You can create them in any […]