How to Potty Train a Dog to Use a Bell & How to Make One!

We’ll show you how to potty train a dog or puppy to easily ring a bell when they need to go out. It’s a very easy thing to do, having taught our grown dog to do it in 3 days and our new puppy in about 5 days. We’ve also […]

How to Make an Easy & Inexpensive Fall Wreath

Make this easy & inexpensive fall wreath with some wood slices, hot glue and cardboard. Then you can glue on a few artificial flowers or greenery you might have. We used our Five Minute Felt Flowers.  If you enjoy wood slice projects you’ll also love our Wood Slice DIY Room […]

How to Make Felt Flowers in 5 Minutes

Learn how to make felt flowers in 5 minutes with only scissors, felt and hot glue! Using our templates it’s super fast and the flowers can be used for a multitude of purposes. Put them on a wreath or another decor item. Make pins out of them or hair clips! […]

How to Make a Butterfly Dream Catcher with Special Meaning

This simple dream catcher has extra special meaning. Taken from an old story, it carries the idea that while you sleep, the butterfly gathers up all negative energy, thoughts and dreams and cocoons them up, then carries them far away on its wings and drops them off. It then returns  […]

Ahoy Mateys! It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Me and me matey Cap’n Roy invite you to join us in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day which falls on September 19th every year. It’s one of those days that gives you a chance to let your hair down, haul anchor and have all kinds of piraty […]

How to Make a Keepsake Dog or Puppy Paw Print

Make this framed keepsake dog or puppy paw print to have forever and memorialize your furry friends. It’s both classy and meaningful! It doesn’t matter what size your “puppy” is.  It makes a beautiful gift for family, friends or your children.  (I’ve been told its great for kitty cats too!)  […]

How to Make Chinese Lanterns from Soda Cans

Learn how to make durable Chinese lanterns from soda cans! Paint them any color and fill with LED tea lights. Great upcycle decor for all occasions and unlike paper lanterns they last a long time. You can also hang them as is without lighting for a daytime event. We used […]

How to Turn a Working Console TV into a Piece of Art!

Depending on your age you might remember having a console TV when you were growing up. They were big televisions with a wood case built around them and were considered a piece of the furniture. Times and TV’s have changed but you can still find these at thrift stores, which […]

How to Stop Smoking : 3 Minutes a Day for 3 Weeks

  This article explains how to stop smoking using simple acupressure! It’s worked for many people and just might help you! One thing for sure is its too easy not to at least give it a try! Acupressure is an ancient healing scientific art developed in Asia over 5,000 years […]

How to Make a Wondrous Woodland Mason Jar Light

Not your typical mason jar light, these wondrous woodland silhouettes will bring a whimsical touch of nature into your home. Get your free download of our own patterns below. (In both pdf and Silhouette Cutter format!) These will work on pint size or quart jars. The lovely paper rose that […]