DIY Cash Statement Piece Wall Decoration Idea

 We made this classy upcycled $100 bill statement piece out of a piece of foam board used as packing in something we ordered. Total Cost? ZERO.  However, you can also buy sheets of foam cheap. The “frame” you see around it is actually a piece off of an old coffee […]

Refurbishing Furniture with Modern Colors

Refurbishing furniture can be as easy as giving it a new coat of paint. And when you pick bright contrasting colors you’ve got a gorgeous statement piece!  This is one of our “Buff Your Stuff” series where we take things we own and give them a whole new look. And […]

How to Make 5 Minute Dapper Puppy Dog Bow Ties

What’s cuter than a puppy dog? A puppy dog wearing a bow tie! We’ll show you how to make a set of puppy dog bow ties in just a matter of minutes using felt, hot glue and some elastic. You can use one elastic neck piece and a variety of […]

Oliver Sprout & Free Potty Training Puppy Chart

In this article I share the unique story of how we found our newest family member Oliver Sprout. There’s also a free potty training puppy chart you can print out to help keep track of your own puppy’s schedule!  Plus you can also read how to make darling 5 Minute […]

How to Make Beautiful DIY Paper Flowers in 5 Minutes!

Make these beautiful DIY paper flowers in 5 minutes or less!  Use them in your crafts or decorating. Attach them to a lamp shade. Even use them in your hair! They are quick and almost free to make and they can adorn just about anything. Download our free pdf template […]

How to Make an Easy Homework Helper Portable Desk

We’ve got a wonderful way to inspire your kids to do their homework with a small portable desk homework helper station! It comes complete with pencil/pen holder, snack holder, inspirational quote and a place to store their homework. This very creative upcycle made from a TV tray comes together very […]

How to Paint Mason Jars Easily with Less Mess

Painting or tinting jars can be pretty sloppy work, but with our great tips you will  learn not only how to paint mason jars easily but with very little mess! To be fair these start out looking painted but end up being beautifully translucent. You can determine how dark or […]

How to Make Fun Homework Helper Wall Pockets from 3 Ring Binders

Wall mounted file pockets are expensive. We’ll, we’ve found a way to make super cheap & creative wall mounted holders using 3 ring binders!  The pockets can be used to organize or hold all types of things but we created 7 different printables so they can be used as a […]

Check Out How to Make This Colorful Creative Dr. Seuss Art

This simple Dr. Seuss themed sign is part of our Over the Door Decor series: Easy plaques you create to send you out the door with a smile.  We all could use a little confirmation as we make our way out into the world each day.  Why not make a beautiful […]

How to Do an Easy, Inexpensive & Dramatic Fireplace Makeover!

  You won’t believe how easy & inexpensive it is to do a dramatic fireplace makeover! All you need is some normal paint and a wadded up paper bag. No kidding!  You can even use those small bottles of craft paint though you might need two or three. You’ll seldom […]

How to Make a Quick, Delicious & Healthy Stir Fry Recipe

The best thing about this quick, yummy & healthy stir fry recipe is there’s no measuring! Grab your favorite veggies, some “special sauce” a few peanuts as garnish & your chopsticks!  It only takes about 15 minutes to make.  Served with a side of brown rice and you can eat […]

How to Keep the Nasties Away – Simple Anti Bad Vibe Shield

Who doesn’t need a little more positivity in their life?  Surround yourself in good energy with our anti bad vibe shield!  Customize with your favorite colors and patterns to create a one of a kind work of art in just 5 minutes!  A great way to add a little flair […]