How to Make a Beautiful Classy Jewelry Stand

Make this beautiful, classy jewelry stand from something you can find at almost any thrift store… an old fashioned candle holder!  I’ve yet to be in a thrift store where I didn’t come across several of these candle holders, usually for $1.00. With some dowels and a little paint you […]

How to Make a Gorgeous and Inspirational Dream Catcher Vision Board

This isn’t your typical dream catcher!  This beautiful, customizable work of art is a daily reminder of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Fill it with everything that’s important to you and change it out as your dreams come true.  It’s so easy to get so caught up in the day […]

Friendly Reminders Household Printables

Tired of telling people  to turn off the lights, put the lid down or shut the door? We’ve got two sheets of eye catching printable friendly reminders! We’ve got one for many typical things you have to keep reminding people about including some unique ones! If you’d like even more […]

How To Make a “Berry” Adorable Upcycled DIY Room Decor Light!

Check out  this “Berry” Amazing and Easy DIY Room Decor Light made from a small plastic cherub tomato container.  Who doesn’t want to reduce and reuse?  This brilliant upcycle project is not only simple, it’s absolutely adorable!  It adds a whimsical pop of color during the day and makes a beautiful, […]

How to Build a Simple Large Surface Home Office Desk

Build a large surface home office desk from inexpensive 3/4″ MDF wood. Using items you might already have, no legs are needed.  The project is easier than you think and we’ll show you the steps of how we made ours.  The  cost was approximately $65 and the desk runs the […]

Skin Glue : Stitch Wounds Without Needles or Scars

This natural skin glue not only closes wounds that would need stitches but it heals the skin itself so there is no scaring.  And it does it quickly. We keep this kit on hand at all times along with our cayenne tincture to stop bleeding and heart attacks and strokes. […]

How to Make an Unbelievably Easy & Stylish Hold the Door Sign!

This “Hold the Door” sign is part of our Over the Door Decor series. Easy plaques you can make to place above the inside of your front door, or any place for that matter. This easy to make medieval “Hold the Door” sign is part of our Over the Door […]

How to Make a Silly Selfie Quiet Book for Kids of All Ages

Make a Silly Selfie “quiet book” in just 15 minutes!  All you need is a small inexpensive 4×6 mini photo book and some dry erase markers. This amazingly simple project is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment to kids of all ages!  Customize with your favorite photos and let the […]

Finding Clarity and Inner Peace in Nature

Written by Roy Rivers Though they don’t struggle with it quite as much as adults, even children need inner peace in their lives. When I was growing up in Arkansas, like many kids, I loved playing outdoors. We lived in the country so I generally had a good deal of […]

How to Create an Easy, Sensational & Inexpensive Portable Grill

Make your summer sensational with this stunning DIY portable grill and skewer set! It’s a larger version of our Mini Campfire Smores Kit. This one is an inexpensive whimsical addition to your backyard barbecue.  Not only is this simple and cost-effective, but it is sure to be a great conversation […]