Time Zones Whiteboard Calendar & Free Printable

A whiteboard calendar can be a wonderful asset for a business or family scheduling. I had purchased a wipe off calendar but it looked pretty plain hanging on my office wall so Roy grabbed some wood strips and made me a quick rough frame that I nailed on around the […]

Good Vibes Necklace

Here’s a fun piece of statement jewelry you can make for very little! This chunky good vibes necklace is sure to turn heads. What a great gift too! Its’ made from inexpensive Shrinky Dink sheets that are colored with permanent markers. Even as an adult I find Shrinky Dinks’ a […]

How to Make a Colorful Reusable Car Air Freshener!

Make a colorful geometric tribal car air freshener in just 10 minutes! Customize with your favorite colors and scents.  Easy sticky-back foam and felt construction allows you to create a one of a kind design on a dime.  Use your favorite essential oils to deodorize your vehicle while saving money […]

Messy to Marvelous Closet Makeover for a Home Office

Go to work in your underwear? Sure! The best thing about having a home office is there are no rules to follow. That also means you can fix it up in your own unique way! Check out our spectacular closet makeover below. We’ll show you how we turned our messy […]

Quick DIY Jigsaw Puzzles Work Station & Storage Set

  Work your jigsaw puzzles in style with this quick portable DIY work station and storage set.  (You might recall our mini puzzle holder and mat post.) We feature a 1000 piece puzzle.  The main board is made from an old large dry erase board and a foam sheet to […]

DIY Smores Kit with Mini Campfire

This little DIY smores kit comes complete with a mini campfire! Most of it can be made from items found at a dollar store. We’ve got a free printable tag with instructions should you want to give it as a unique gift. You can make one for each individual and […]

Yard Sale Kit & Tips : Declutter & Profit!

A yard sale is a great way to declutter and make some extra cash.    Having participated in and attended more than my fair share of them through the years,  I’ve created a printable kit (actually 5 of them!) that has a detailed list of great pointers and an outline to […]

We’ve Childproofed Our Home But They Keep Getting In : Boomerang Kids

If you’ve got adult children living at home, you’re not alone. In fact, almost 40% of adult children do. (1) There are a lot of reasons for this: economy, saving for school etc. But the fact is many adult kids are moving back home so we might as well make […]

Simple American Eagle Wall Art from Foam Board

This American eagle is made entirely from foam board! Painted with thin paint it looks like wood. It’s a wonderful piece of artwork to display during the 4th of July or any time for that matter. We’ve got free variations of patterns below! For another simple patriotic decor idea make […]

Budget Living Room Makeover Reveal : Before & After Rollovers!

This delightful living room makeover was done on a budget using many things we already had.  I love making my home unique, which you can see from some of the choices below. Many of the things you see in the photos had their own post or tutorial written about them […]

The Dangers of Rawhide for Dogs & Free Safe Treat Sheet

By Jennifer Hull, Operations Manager/ Pet Care Specialist/ Central Pet/ Owns 2 dogs and 5 cats Unknown to many pet owners, rawhide for dogs has no FDA regulations and causes hundreds of cases of sickness and death each year. If you have a canine companion, chances are you’ve spent countless […]

Americana Decor from Craft Sticks

This rustic Americana decor flag can be hung year round and it’s so easy anyone can make it! All you need is a handful of long craft sticks, some watered down paint and hot glue. We used a soda can tab for the hanger which is perfect for lightweight  items […]

Wood Slice DIY Room Decor : Inspirational Words

  Get verbal on your walls with unique wood slice DIY room decor.  This wall art costs virtually nothing and is simple to make. It can be used for names, positive thinking reminders, holidays etc. And what a wonderful gift! Its possible you have access to a nice sized branch […]

Nuts & Bolts Post-It Frame Plus Best DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Looking for unique yet simple and inexpensive DIY Father’s Day gift ideas? Check out our personalized notepad photo frame tutorial and other great ideas including a Game of Thrones doorstop, a new mouse pad and an earbud holder!  We also have a couple other versions of this Post-It Note […]