Game of Thrones Hodor Hold the Door Doorstops & Free Printables

It was a sad day indeed when the phrase “Hold the door!” became part of our culture. Never has there been a more beloved character than Hodor, the very large man with a very large heart who can only utter one word.   This little doorstop is in honor of that […]

Plastic Drawers Makeover for Desk Organizing

These small plastic drawers for organizing parts can be used for oh so many things! And you can glam them up quick with some paint and gems. This one was used to hold office supplies on my desk and I redid it to match my larger parts chest I made […]

Printable Moving Announcements with Free Poem

Moving can be bittersweet but these printable poetic moving announcements are a fun way to let your neighbors know you’ll miss them and to keep in touch! There are two poems, depending on if you are moving nearby or far away. Tie on the tags that have your new address […]

Recycle CDs into Wall Pouches

Recycle CDs and DVDs into these useful and pretty wall pouches! They’re also a great way to use up those small scraps of fabric you have lying around. There are so many fun uses for these… office supplies, pencils, dry erase markers, coupons, small notes… the ideas are endless. One […]

Classy Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Room makeovers don’t require a big budget! (You might recall our Budget Bedroom Makeover.)  We’ve got some great living room ideas that are no cost or low cost and will give your room an amazing transformation, using much of what you already own!  So grab a pencil and paper and […]

Why Glass Water Bottles Are Better

Why use glass water bottles? Because much of the plastic we use for food containers and bottled water is made from dangerous chemicals. The problem being that over time they can escape into food and liquid.  If you’ve ever put anything into a plastic container that had held say onions […]

Lovely Little DIY Sugar Bowl

For less than $4 you can make this lovely little sugar bowl.  Not only is it inexpensive and simple to create, you can customize to match your own kitchen!  The pots and glass bowl  can be found at a Dollar store or the local Walmart. We filled ours with Xylitol […]

Mini Toy Box in a Drawer for Adults & Kids

This toy box in a drawer is packed full of fun and creative activities ever for both adults and older kids. We’ve got ideas for your galore!  It’s great for a living room end table drawer or in our case a coffee table drawer. Family and visitors will love going […]

Troubled Teens Make Awesome Adults : Hope for Struggling Parents

Our oldest daughter came to visit recently. (You may have seen some of her post contributions.)  She lives in Arizona with her husband, son, 2 dogs and 5 cats. She’s an amazing woman who I admire as much as I’ve admired anyone on the planet and she is crazy talented. […]

DIY Chandelier from Foam Board

This beautiful DIY chandelier is made from $3 foam board.  It makes a wonderful accent to any room. We’ve got a free pattern in two sizes. You can hang it as is or add a little bling. We used some pieces from an old regular chandelier for the one shown. […]

How To Install Laminate Flooring

Almost anyone can learn how to install laminate flooring.  Check out our step by step instructions with photos. It’s easier and cheaper than you might think! My office had carpet in it and I used a square plastic mat for my chair but it was beyond annoying and kept shifting. […]

Awesome Practical Uses for a Black Light Flashlight

I’ll admit it. A black light flashlight  is fun to play with. But aside from the novelty aspect they also have a variety of practical uses inside the house and out that you never thought of! The flashlights are very inexpensive and small so you can easily carry one with […]

How to Make a DIY Dog Bed from a Suitcase

We’ll show you how to make a DIY dog bed from a suitcase! It’s a fun project that you can style however you like. With the attached toy holder made from a mail bin, your pup will love it! The one shown is made from a military shipping case which […]