Ceiling Fan to Thrift Store Chandelier Makeover

If you’d love to have a chandelier but can’t afford one here’s an inexpensive way to do it. Buy one at a thrift store and do a chandelier makeover! We did it and the effect was stunning. All it took was a can of spray paint! We replaced a dated […]

DIY Upcycle Locket Necklace

This cute upcycled locket necklace will put a grin on anyone’s face and makes a wonderful gift for moms, grandmas or anyone who loves quirky jewelry. You’ll never guess what they are made from.  Plastic spice bottle lids.  They look amazing and are so fun to make. You can style them […]

DIY Finger Pin Cushion in 10 Minutes!

This tiny 10 minute pin cushion is a huge help for anyone who sews. Made using the lid from a plastic bottle you can make it any color or style you want! Great for keeping pins handy and putting pins back as you pull them out.  Give them as gifts […]

How to Make the Most Unique Small Puzzle Mat

If puzzles are your thing, you’re gonna love this creative little puzzle mat! It’s a way to store small mini puzzles and it’s an upcycle project, meaning it uses some things you most likely already have in your home! The only thing you might need to grab is the large […]

How to Etch Glass in 5 Minutes

I’d always wanted to learn how to etch glass but assumed it was difficult, taking all kinds of funky chemicals and a lot of time. Silly me.  5 minutes. That’s how long it took me. After my first one I proceeded to search the house looking for things I could […]

Geometric & Confetti Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

Looking for a more modern plastic bag holder you can make? We’ve got two of ’em! These Mid Century Modern bag dispensers (the ones you get at the grocery store) are made from a 2 liter soda bottle and a DVD or CD. Add spray paint and a few stickers […]

DIY Heart Shaped Wildflower Seed Bombs

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than tossing around some of these heart shaped wildflower seed bombs. They are easy (3 ingredients) and inexpensive and we’ve got two ways to package them. After you make a batch you simply toss the seed bombs anywhere there is dirt… along the […]

Earth Day Quiz (Free Printable)

Grab our free printable Earth Day quiz! It’s full of interesting and fun facts.  The three page downloadable pdf has two pages of informative questions and a page with the answers. Do you know how long it takes foil to decompose? How about disposable diapers? Learn how much trash the […]

DIY World Clock for Earth Day from CD/DVD

Make this awesome world clock for Earth Day or any day! It’s made from a CD or DVD and Roy drew the free artwork you can download.  All you need is a clock mechanism purchased online or at any craft store. Read the details below. This is an addition to […]

A More Organized Home : Teaching Kids & Adults To Be Neat

How much time every day do you spend looking for misplaced items such as keys, cell phones, homework, remotes, socks etc.?  Studies show at least 30 minutes a day. That’s six full days out of your year spent searching for your stuff.  1  2  Yikes. The single most important idea […]

Helpful Metric Chart : Quickly Learn Lengths

Have you ever been frustrated when shopping online and what you want is listed in metrics? (Assuming you are from the U.S. of course.) Well, this helpful metric chart will be indispensable! It’s not that I have anything against metrics, it’s just that growing up in the U.S. inches and […]

Easy Upcycled Small Box Celtic Style

Talk about a classy upcycle project! We’ll show you how to turn small cardboard boxes into beautiful Celtic style containers with nothing more than a knife, hot glue gun and some paint. This is one of those truly amazing crafts! You’re containers can be used for anything. We used them […]