Upcycled Ceiling Fan to Elegant Illuminated Decor

This beautiful illuminated  upcycled decor light was made from the covers on an old ceiling fan that we had replaced in our living room.  I try to look past what something is to what it can be and this was about the easiest upcycled item I’ve ever done. I’m not […]

Natural DIY Hand Sanitizer (3 Ingredients No Alcohol)

This DIY Hand sanitizer is a quick way to rid your hands of bacteria after doing things such as handling money, using a public restroom, shaking hands during cold season or pushing a grocery store cart. The ones you buy are filled with chemicals and alcohol. These simple recipes can […]

DIY Wood Hanging No Soliciting Signs (Free Printables)

Make these small eye catching wood no soliciting signs that easily hang on windows or doors.  They’re small but noticeable and effective.  All that’s needed is small wood slats you can buy ready made or cut yourself, our free printables below and some metal screw eye rings (like we used […]

Awesome Tree Decals, Sources & Ideas

I admit it. I have a love affair with tree decals. If you’re a tree hugger like me you just might consider taking things one step further and bring them into your home and onto your walls! I’ve had tree decals on my wall (and other various places as you’ll […]

Save Time & Money by Painting Outlets Rather Than Replacing Them

Painting outlets rather than replacing them is incredibly easy to do.  If you’ve got wall outlets that don’t match, you’ll love this quick and inexpensive fix!  When we bought our home we repainted all the rooms. However, the outlets ranged from the basic cream color to dark brown. I really […]

How to Make a Picket Fence Fireplace Cover

Add some whimsy to your home with this simple picket fence fireplace cover. It’s made from wood slats that you can make yourself or buy already cut into pickets. Add some hinges and paint and you can decorate it in a variety of ways for any season. You can buy […]

Make a Living Room Handy Box Remote Holder

Keep things organized and at your fingertips by making a simple living room handy box remote holder. We used a $4.00 box from the local craft store. It not only holds remotes when not in use but other items you might want handy. We’ll show you what we put in […]

Paper Mache Tree Stump Stool

Add some whimsy to your home with this DIY tree stump stool. Do you remember using paper mache in grammar school?  (We put it over balloons we had blown up.) Well, that’s what creates the stump effect. It takes a little time but overall it’s easy to do and it’s […]

Portable DIY Lego Table

Kids and adults alike love Lego and our family is no different. I wanted a portable DIY Lego table for my newly updated living room and I wanted it to match. I went through my garage and found an old wooden TV tray. It was perfect! I painted it to […]

How to Drink a Pound of Greens and Love It! Green Smoothie Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick way to get large amounts of live nutrient rich dark greens into your diet, our green smoothie recipe can’t be beat!  It’s sweet and delicious and takes 5 minutes or less to make.  It’s also very easily adaptable. I’ve drank a quart for breakfast […]

Carrot Garden DIY Easter Basket

Looking for a unique Easter baster? Make this cute carrot garden DIY Easter basket using plastic eggs, a box and some construction paper! You can fill the box and the carrot eggs themselves with goodies.  You might also want to check out our “Soda Bottle DIY Easter Baskets“.  And if […]

No-Sew Recovering With Upholstery Pins

My office has a small window seat. The cushion itself was made using a plain piece of thick foam that was cut to fit, then a slipcover was sewn  to go over it.  (My dad had made it for me.) I recently redid my entire office and I wanted to […]

Plastic Bottle DIY Easter Baskets

Pretty little custom DIY Easter baskets you can make in minutes using a plastic soda bottle of any size!  They’re not just for Easter! Use them as a gift basket for any occasion for kids, teens and adults. Our Clay Chick Easter Gift would be a perfect addition to this […]