DIY Steampunk Dry Erase Board

This simple DIY Steampunk dry erase board is perfect for keeping track of upcoming events or reminders. All you need is foil, foam board and metal parts! Credit for this basic idea goes to our son Adam who mentioned he had seen foil used as a wipe off board. Ends […]

Quick Folding Chair Makeover

Makeovers don’t have to be dramatic to be beautiful. I was in need of an extra chair at a second location on my office wall desk.  As the area was small I didn’t want anything too big and bulky.  I looked through what I had in storage and found this […]

Easy Clay Chick Easter Gift

This cute little chickadee is a wonderful Easter gift for any age.  He’s simple to make and only costs pennies. Use him as a charm, on a key ring or as a necklace as shown. A plastic Easter egg with some moss is the perfect “wrapping”!  We have both Sculpey […]

How to Stencil & Paint Carpet. Give Your Rugs a Makeover!

Yes, even carpets can get a makeover! Whether it’s a larger area rug or a throw rug, you can paint carpet using a stencil and regular interior latex paint. You can paint on a variety of designs from squares or diamonds to circles. We chose a Moroccan design and you […]

Mod Podge Star Wars Lamp

This trendy Star Wars lamp is easy to make and costs very little.  All you need is an old lamp, spray paint, Mod Podge and some Star Wars material. Check out our other Star Wars crafts page including our Star Wars Boots  and a Star Wars T-shirt.  This project is […]

Positive Energy Wooden Spoons : Infuse Your Food With Love

Everyone can use a little more positive energy! You may or may not be familiar with New York Time’s best seller Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work surrounding water. His books, full of photos that you must see to believe, prove the power of words. If it works on water we figured […]

Star Wars Crafts

Where’s Your Sanctuary? Creating Your Happy Place

Remember when you were a kid and every so often a huge cardboard box would come into your possession? What happened? Why, you made a fort of course. Or a hideout, or a play house, or a rocket, or a boat or submarine or other happy place. The point being, […]

Star Wars T-Shirt Appliques

Create and wear a Star Wars T-shirt with pride! Grab a shirt, a scrap of Star Wars material and some fabric edging.  You can use fabric glue or sew it on.  Being trendy was never so easy! Check out our  Star Wars Boots which make a great set with your […]

DIY Human Sunflower Seed Dispenser

Finally… a human sunflower seed dispenser!  Aside from all the health benefits of sunflower seeds they’re plain old fun to crack and eat.  But there’s always the problem of the shells, especially if you’re inside.  Well, now you can eat your seeds anywhere and you’ve got a built in shell […]

Organize Office Supplies in Style with a Parts Chest

These small plastic parts chest are not just for nails and screws!  (As you can see in our Craft Room Organization Ideas.) With a little paint, labels and some bling, you can transform them into a classy and stylish way to organize office supplies.  We’ve got printable standard drawer size […]

Mod Podge Star Wars Boots

Do you own a pair of leather type boots? Are you a Star Wars fan?  Then before you know it you can be kicking it Star Wars style! Star Wars boots are simple and inexpensive to make. All you need is some Mod Podge and some Star Wars fabric. (You […]

Pretty as a Picture Photo Stand : CD Crafts

Make these pretty little photo stands using old CDs or DVDs and a couple of small binder clips! They’re very inexpensive and pretty and make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion. Give a set to grandparents. Give one to a friend. Give one to a special someone for Valentine’s […]