Getting Rid of Fruit Flies with Kindness

I’m sure you’ve met these little guys… they show up when you leave bananas or other fruit out on your counters a little too long and they are “buggers” to remove.  Well, getting rid of fruit flies is not all that difficult and you can do it quickly and humanely. […]

Easy DIY Necklace for Someone You Love (Free Printable)

A beautiful little DIY necklace to give someone you love, made from a cork, our free printable and a hardware eyelet. So simple but so meaningful! It requires no special jewelry parts other than the chain. We have two different versions and various sizes of the printable used. With a […]

No-Kill Natural Pest Control for Your Home

If you’re a soft-hearted soul who doesn’t like the idea of killing anything unnecessarily and you don’t particularly want to co-habit with insects… this post is for you. It’s also for those who don’t want to use toxic chemicals in their homes. In fact, some of these items are more […]

Watch Those Pounds Come Off With Weight Loss Tracker Jars

If you’re working on a healthier life and are losing some pounds, a weight loss tracker can add some visual fun to the process! We’ve got six different styles in a variety of sizes and you can make them from pretty much anything you can count! Use one of ours […]

How to Make a Humane Bug Catcher

If you’re a kind soul whose sensitivity extends to even insects, this humane bug catcher might be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s an  inexpensive and quick insect removal apparatus you can make with a handful of simple items. It’s perfect for certain types of bugs such as spiders […]

Bartholin Cyst Home Treatment That Works

This post is for the gals and if you have this condition, you definitely know what it is. A Bartholin cyst is very painful and difficult to treat and many women have had little success with traditional medicine. Well, we’ve got a Bartholin Cyst home treatment that is inexpressive and […]

Make Your Own Large DIY Mouse Pad

If you’ve had trouble finding a decent sized mouse pad or one that matches your decor our DIY mouse pad does both! All it takes is foam board, material and spray adhesive! You can make it any size you want and cover it with any fabric! It’s inexpensive and easy […]

Twinkle Lights Room Divider

My motto is “you can never have too many twinkle lights” and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them into my decorating.  (You might recall my Easy to Make DIY Twinkle Light Jars I used in my bedroom.) I’ve had this plain looking room divider for quite a few […]

Arugula Spinach & Capers Healthy Pasta Salad

As a plant eater you might be surprised to know I don’t care for salads that much. If I have them I tend to want lots of rich, creamy and very healthy, dressing on it.  This is why I generally get my dark live greens by juicing. But this salad […]

Make a Plastic Bottle Family Time Capsule (Free Printables!)

Time capsules are fun to make and even more fun to open! We’ll show you how to make one from plastic soda bottles.   Fill them up with things that remind you of the current time including the filled out sheets we give you below. Seal your capsule, label it with […]