Casual Resolutions : A Twist on New Year’s Resolutions!

Yep, it’s that time of year to make our New Year’s Resolutions, a phrase that will either inspire you or make you cringe. For some it’s about all the possibilities that a new year can bring. For others it can be just another list of things to stress about getting […]

Bring Luck To Your Home! DIY Lucky Horseshoe Decor

Start the New Year by inviting good luck into your home with a lucky horseshoe beautifully decorated. If you can get your hands on a real horseshoe that’s great. If not we’ve got a pattern to make one out of foam board. Either way it makes a wonderful decor item […]

A Christmas Poem for Our Readers

Memory Photo Ornaments from Wood Slices

  These memory photo ornaments from wood slices are a wonderful way to personalize your holiday! Give them as gifts to grandparents or family. Make one for each new baby. Fill your tree with photos through the years! No matter how you use them, they will be another way to […]

16 Last Minute Easy DIY Gifts

Oh no… It’s two days till Christmas and you realize you forgot to get Aunt Lou a present. Or the neighbor you hardly see just brought you a small quirky gift and you have nothing to give them. Whatever the situation, if you need a quick personal gift and you […]

22 No Prep Last Minute Gifts from Your Pantry : ALL NEW Tags!

It’s Christmas eve and the neighbors stopped by with a little “something” for your family. Now you feel guilty because you didn’t get them anything. Well we have your back!  If you don’t find at least two or three items on the list below that you can use as a […]

Soda Bottle Candle Holders

I love upcycle crafts where it’s hard to tell what the original item was. In my opinion, this one qualifies for that quite well. These DIY candle holders are made from plastic soda bottles. Typical taper candles fit snugly into the tops. You can paint them any color and decorate […]

5 Day FREE GIVEAWAY! Me & Myself a Love Story

(This book is for sale on Amazon.)  Free Giveaway Instructions TIME FRAME: December 13th to December 17th Fill out the free giveaway form below for a chance to win a copy of Me & Myself a Love Story. This beautifully illustrated 8×10 book has an important message for teens and […]

A Perfect Christmas Movie For Perspective

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I’ll bet you have more than one and I’m guessing, as an adult, they will be tied to your childhood or to happy memories with your own children. Because these movies go hand and hand with the holiday, we even created a free Christmas Eve […]

Ode to the Sears Catalog : Losses of the Digital Age

I love the digital age. There’s not a day goes by that I’m not grateful to be alive during the 21st century. We literally have the world at our fingertips, with any information we need just a click away. But there are rare occasions when I realize some things have […]

Peace Dove Gift Ornament & Poem

This peace dove ornament is not just for the holiday season.  (Read the  poem below and you’ll understand why.)  The dove is a symbol of peace, which we tend to think about quite a bit during the Christmas season. But this little peace dove is meant to be used throughout […]

Star Wars Family Command Center

Get your family organized with a Star Wars Family Command Center! We made ours from an old magnetic dry erase board we had lying around. (We put chalkboard contact paper on half of it.) There’s a variety of ways you can create yours and we’ve got a printable quote plus […]

Christmas Eve Traditions: a Movie a Munchie a Message (Plus DIY Quote Gift!)

Most families have their own unique Christmas Eve traditions. Us? We watch The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and eat baked cinnamon rolls with O.J. and hot cocoa.  For those of you who are looking for your own Christmas Eve traditions or just want a fun family idea for the holidays we […]

Retro Christmas Craft : Soda Can Angels

I made soda can carolers when my kids were young and decided to do an updated version here.  It’s a great holiday upcycle for both children and adults and I’ll show you a variety of ways to create them. All you need are some soda cans, paint and glue to […]