No Fireplace? Make a Simple Stocking Holder!

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and fireplaces were in short supply. I had some pretty cool parents though and they actually bought a fake cardboard fireplace just so we could hang our Christmas stockings. If you don’t have a fireplace, cardboard or not, you can  make your own stocking […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Labels

Download these free Thanksgiving leftovers labels for a quick way to tell what food is going home with whom and to also know what is inside the containers inside your own fridge. There are three different styles to print and cut.  (Also,  don’t forget to share the awesome quote at […]

Personalized Dog Bowls from Dollar Store Dishes

Your dog can eat in style with these classy personalized dog bowls! (Cats too!) Nice pet bowls can be expensive. Not these! $2.00 was paid for the set. Just grab some nice ceramic bowls at the local dollar store and then add your pets name either with paint pens or […]

Herbal Aspirin : White Willow Bark

If you’re trying to move towards less harmful ways of treating pain and inflammation the herb White Willow Bark is a great choice. I’ve used it for years in place of aspirin and Tylenol. White willow bark can relieve both chronic and acute pain and is used for a variety […]

Gratitude On the Go! A Fun Gratitude Activity

Being grateful is important to a happier life. So here’s a fun unique gratitude activity to encourage more awareness of  things generally taken for granted.  Grab a tiny inexpensive spiral memo pad and print out the free labels and quotes provided, then follow the simple instructions. These are wonderful any […]

Simple Linen Storage in a Small Home

If you live in a small home it can be challenging to find places to put everything. Something I’ve struggled with is linens. The home we are in now is medium sized but Roy and I have a lot of stuff due to our businesses and hobbies and I don’t […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try These 15 Ideas!

Do you love bedtime or hate it? If it’s the latter I’m guessing the reason might be that you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. At its worst, bedtime can be a nightmare (excuse the pun.) Considering how important sleep is, you should welcome that time of day so […]

Encourage Thankfulness with Gratitude Stones

If you’d like to give gratitude and thankfulness a boost in your home, gratitude stones are a wonderful incentive. They work for children and adults alike and both will love them! They are also wonderful for activities such as Thanksgiving Day dinner etc. And what a lovely positive gift when […]

Burlap Crafts No Sew Pouch

These no-sew pouches can be made in various sizes to hold all kinds of goodies such as dried herbs, crystals, notes etc. They make wonderful gifts for any age! We use them to hold our Gratitude Stones. They can be made in minutes and don’t require a single stitch! If […]

Tips to Stop Negative Thoughts in their Tracks

If you’re someone who doesn’t ever get stressed then you don’t need to read any further. OK… now that 99.9% of you are still here, I think we can all agree that worrying now and then is pretty normal. The problem arises when you have more negative thoughts than happy […]

Happy Birthday!

A Thankful Heart – Simple 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

As the title implies this challenge is quite easy. Just write down one thing a day that you’re grateful for. We’ve even given you a nice little printout sheet to do it on plus some reminders you can make to put around the house. The only requirement is that this […]