Small Photo Chest Makeover : Buff Your Stuff Cheap Decor Ideas!

I took an old small wood photo chest I’d had for 2o years and transformed it using some paint and a bit of scrapbook paper. What a difference! Another beautiful cheap decor item via Buff Your Stuff! Cheap Decor Project Supplies Paint Wood button for knob Printed poem New 4 […]

Veggie Beanie Crock Pot Recipe

I’m always on the lookout for a good vegan crock pot recipe and this one is as good leftover as it is right out of the pot! Crock pots are one of the coolest kitchen inventions ever!  Fill it up, let it cook, eat.   Printable Recipe I used a […]

Positive Potions Kit : Magic Potions You Can Drink

The power of imagination is undeniable and this Positive Magic Potions kit might just be the little boost your child needs! You can use any size clear bottle and we have two sizes of labels you can print along with an instruction sheet that details the ability of each potion.  […]

Easy DIY Fall Decorations : Wood Slice Pumpkin Trio

Need some quick DIY Fall decorations? If you have wood slices lying around, in a matter of minutes you can make these cute little rustic pumpkins.  They could be made any size, though these ones use 3″ wood slices. They make a very unique fall decoration or a lovely little […]

It’s Easy to Make Cinnamon Oil!

Cinnamon is one of those herbs that not only smells good but tastes good! It’s also incredibly good for you which is why we did a post a while back called  The 12 Health Benefits of Cinnamon. We’re going to show you another way to use it by making your […]

Monster! A Halloween Game (Free printables)

Here’s a fun Halloween game (or anytime game for that matter!) Kids and adults alike will enjoy “Monster!” Just grab our free downloadable printables which includes the instructions and make a monster dice using a wood block and some wiggle eyes. It can be played with two or more or […]

When is Daylight Saving Time? Printable Reminders

It’s that time of year again where our sleep patterns are disrupted and we are either too early or too late for appointments. Yes, its Daylight Savings Time and whether you love it, hate it or are indifferent, its a fact of life and we’ve created some printable reminders to […]

The Thing About Life : Why It’s Best Viewed at a Distance

Some small but annoying thing happens. You know it’s petty but it bugs you. The more you think about it, the more it bugs you. And you’re thinking about it a lot and getting angrier and angrier. Now you can’t stop thinking about it. Or maybe it’s a larger problem […]

Eye See You! A Quick Halloween Craft

It doesn’t get much easier than this! A 10 minute Halloween Craft, our “Eye See You!” bouquet will put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it! We used Dollar Store flowers and google eyes. Glue them on and place your flowers in a small vase with some […]

Budget Bedroom Makeover Reveal & Cost

We’re finally at the end of our Budget Bedroom Makeover Series and we’re ready to show you the completed room! It turned out gorgeous and is truly the oasis we envisioned. Our goal was to do this makeover using mostly items we already had and then making other items ourselves […]

Fabulous Fruit Dip Recipe (Healthy Too!)

  Here’s a healthy fruit dip recipe that takes  5 minutes to make after you soak the dates. And guess what? That’s the only ingredient!  It’s rich, candy sweet and good for you. Use it as is for dipping, for making Simple Healthy Candy Apples and much more! Supplies for […]

Simple Healthy Candy Apple Recipe

Our Simple Healthy Candy Apple Recipe is a quick fall treat that you can feel good about eating and giving to the kids. All it takes is apples, dates and nuts! The date paste you make for the apples is super easy and can be used for a variety of […]

DIY Fall Decorations : Hot Glue Glitter Leaves

Make these beautiful fall leaves in a matter of minutes using only a glue gun and some glitter and foil or a Teflon sheet. These simple DIY fall decorations can be used in a variety of ways to adorn your house for Autumn! This idea is courtesy of our daughter […]

Amazing Clothes Hamper Redo

This Clothes Hamper Redo shows that there’s not much you can’t make look new again if you try! I’ve had this set of clothes hampers for about 8 years and I love them. I got them on Amazon and paid about $18 each back then. At this point in time […]