How I Gained Perspective from a Two Year Old

I can be as guilty as the next person when it comes to getting annoyed by petty things. Let’s face it, being human and living in America, we can be a little spoiled. It’s easy to focus on small things that don’t matter, forgetting to step back and view the […]

Buff Your Stuff : Cheap Decor by Transforming What You Have

  Have something old or outdated or something you just want to give a makeover?  Here is where we take all kinds of stuff and make it look awesome! (This list grows regularly!)  

The Road Goes Ever On and On…. J.R.R.Tolkien Quotes

This is the end of our Tolkien Week & Hobbit Day Celebration. We’ve had a blast creating these ideas and sharing them and hope you’ve enjoyed reveling along with us in the joy of all things Tolkien. In each of our weekly newsletters we’ve given away a free high resolution […]

Frugal DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

This is the 5th installment of our Budget Bedroom Makeover Series. This week I’ll show you how to turn items you already have into new and beautiful decor pieces and how  small thrift store finds can add some special touches. You’ll learn how to make a curtain rod with a […]

Simple, Healthy Lembas Bread Recipe & Mallorn Leaf Template

  “The cakes will keep sweet for many many days if they are unbroken and left in their leaf-wrappings, as we have brought them. One will keep a traveler on his feet for a day of long labor, even if he be one of the tall men of Minas Tirith.”  […]

Easy Tiny Clay Hobbit Door (& Gandalf)

This simple hobbit door is so easy to make from colored hardening clay that anyone can do it! Use it for jewelry, bookmarks etc. Makes a great Tolkien gift! This post is part of our Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week celebration! Supplies for Hobbit Door Polymer Clay (I used Fimo) […]

Home Decorating Ideas

Free Tolkien Fonts

In honor of Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week here are some FREE Tolkien Fonts! Plus, if you’ve always wanted to see your name written in runes or the Elven language we have those fonts too! After downloading them install them onto your computer to begin using each font. For Windows […]

Mean Pinners : When Your OWN Pinterest Images Get Pulled (Pinterest Copyright Infringement in Reverse)

  So, you’re an honest, hard working website owner and blogger. You spend a great deal of time and money to present quality posts. In doing so you make use of Pinterest, which is the most awesome of tools out there,  to promote your own website. Then one day you’re […]

Cheap & Classy DIY Bedroom Wall Ideas

Do you need some cheap bedroom wall ideas? We’ve got a few things to get your creative juices flowing! This is part of our Budget Bedroom Makeover Series and we show you that lovely decor does not have to be expensive! As I used many things I had already the […]

Make a No Sew Drawstring Pouch

This simple little no sew drawstring pouches are great for holding tiny treasures! All you need is felt and string and some charms or beads if desired. You can make them any size but we give you a pattern for two sizes using typical 9″x12″ felt. What a great gift! […]

DIY Gandalf You Shall Not Pass Door Hanger

  Grab our free printable pattern and make this double sided Gandalf You Shall Not Pass door hanger. The flip side has Speak Friend and Enter depending on your mood. We made ours with foam board but cardboard or even poster board would work! There’s a color version and a […]

No Sew Small Dog Halloween Costume Ideas & Patterns

Your little dogs can be part of the Halloween festivities with these darling small dog Halloween costume ideas. All you need is some inexpensive craft foam sheets, glue and Velcro.  We’ve got all the pattern basics you can download. Keep in mind that these are general patterns as each dog […]

It’s Easy to Make DIY Twinkle Lights in Jars!

Twinkle lights add a bit of magic to any room! I love them and use them throughout my house and when I did my Budget Bedroom Makeover having twinkle lights in the room was non-negotiable. I decided to make twinkle light jars and after some trial and error I found […]

Cleansing Room Spray Air Freshener Recipe

You’ll be amazed at what a little water and a few drops of essential oil will do for your home! Air Freshener? Check! Kill germs? Check! Get rid of odors? Check! Affect your mood in positive ways? Check! Remove negative energy? Check! P.S. If you like the concept of “smudging” […]

Dragon Eyes : A Dragon Craft for Adults & Kids Alike!

Make these gorgeous dragon eyes from flat clear filler marbles and use them for dragon jewelry or to carry around in a simple pouch. Adults and children alike love them. Best dragon craft ever! (Except for our Dragon Egg of course.)  You can use regular paints to make these but […]

Make Your Own Inexpensive DIY Bed Canopy

Have you ever dreamed of having a canopy in your bedroom? Well now you can and its cheaper and easier than you think! In my goal to makeover my bedroom as inexpensively as possible I knew I had to have a canopy of some type. Roy came up with a […]

Taco & Burger Napkin Holder From CD/DVDs

Make a fun and quirky napkin holder from three CDs (or DVDs) some paint and our free printable downloads below! We’ve got a taco and a burger depending on what you’re in the mood for. A wonderful and useful upcycle project you can make in minutes! The trick is you […]

DIY Lord of the Rings Art Wood Rack

Make this classy Lord of the Rings art wood rack with some simple tools and supplies (and of course our free pattern.) You do NOT have to be an artist to do it! Its easy and would make a wonderful gift! Use it for necklaces, belts, scarves, or any other […]

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