Healthy French Toast with Banana Coating!

It’s hard to believe something that tastes this good is actually healthy. It can be made fat free also depending on how you cook it and what bread you use. But this healthy french toast will have you drooling. The coating is made with ripe bananas. It’s hot and gooey […]

What Happens When You Use Our Free Room Makeover Kit? Awesomeness!

  If you’ve got a room makeover planned we’ve got some free tools that are not only fun but incredibly useful. By using the simple steps and our FREE PRINTABLE KIT you’ll have your room planned out, organized and beautiful in no time! Room Makeover Guide 1. What is the […]

Unique Anniversary Gift : Large Photo Collage

Looking for a unique anniversary gift idea or a birthday idea? Make a HUGE wall photo collage using numbers! My parents were having their 56th wedding anniversary and that seemed to call for something extra unique. All you need is some cardboard and a lot of photo reprints and some […]

Extended Family Idea : Make a Time Zone Clock Wall

Do you have children that live in other states? Or grandmas and grandpas, mothers, fathers, or any extended family that you’re close to? Here is an idea to keep them in your mind and hearts all the time. Create a time zone clock wall complete with photos of each person.  […]

Cure Smelly Feet Naturally! DIY Foot & Shoe Spray

Let’s be honest… when you keep skin in a dark damp place stuff’s gonna start to smell bad. We’ve got some natural spray to cure smelly feet that will not only help keep your feet fresh and free of fungus but it also doubles as a shoe spray. Plus we’ll […]

Outside Lighting : Soda Bottle Torch

  Illuminate your yard with these simple outside lighting torches made from a soda bottle and a dowel.  Plus it’s an upcycle project which is a double bonus! They are quite classy looking in the yard at dusk or evening as you can see in the very bottom photos.   […]

How to Use & Organize Glitter

We realize using glitter doesn’t require a PhD. But there are definitely a couple little tricks that can make it less messy. Plus, we’ll show you a great way to organize it so you always have it’s sparkly goodness right at your fingertips! Supplies Here are a few of the […]

Free Yourself from Suffering in One Minute : Heal Depression & More (EMDR)

This is one of those things that feels magical. I was taught how to do it years ago by a close friend who is a master healer.  (You might remember her from this post about healing MRSA.) It is a form of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a treatment […]

Fancy DIY Flip Flops – Glam Them Up!

Turn  flip flops into gorgeous unique footwear with just a few items you probably having lying around the house!  They are an inexpensive way to be stylin’ in warm weather. We’ll show you how to take these rubber minimalist footwear and spice them up a bit in fun and inexpensive […]

A Chair With Flair : Paint a Folding Chair

Do you have items in your home that fall under the category of “functional but ugly”?  My craft room chair was one such item.  I liked it because my craft room is small and this fit in well and it had a soft seat. When I made over my craft […]

Aromatherapy Inhaler : Tampon Craft

So many cool titles came to mind for this post… couldn’t use most of them though.  Anyway, assuming you’re still here after you realized what this is made from… pat yourself on the back for being a mature individual!  After all, it’s just some plastic and cottony stuff. Crafts made […]

Make a Clock from a DVD

Here’s another perfect use for those old  DVDs and CDs!  They make great little clocks!  All you need is a small clock mechanism which you can get at most stores that have a craft area. Or use one from an old clock you have lying around! I bought mine for […]

Saturn Model – Cosmic Creativity!

Now this is an interstellar beauty! And it takes just a few minutes to make! It’s so easy you could create your own solar system of planets! All you need is a little paint, a Styrofoam ball, a CD and some glue  and glitter. So get started creating your own […]

Make an Inspiration Board & Custom Thumbtacks

  Here’s how you can make an inspiration board and custom thumbtacks from an old frame! This bulletin board is perfect for Vision or Dream Boards! I placed mine in my craft room. Supplies Old large frame Thick cardboard or foam board Material to cover the board Spray paint of […]