Small Soda Bottle Purse Set (Wristlet)

  I’d seen these cute little upcycles before and wanted to try my hand at one. It was much easier than I expected! I especially love the little container that can be used for pills or vitamin though I put Xylitol gum in mine. If you want to keep your […]

Hang Pegboard Anywhere & Get Organized!

Pegboards are a clever and  inexpensive way to organize your stuff. Ends up they are fairly easy to do with just a few tools. You can make them any size and put them just about any place! A quick coat of paint and they are pretty stylish!  I used a […]

Good Luck Fairies!

Who couldn’t use a little extra good luck? We’ve got some adorable little fairy tokens to bring you some!  They’re made from clothespins and scraps of artificial flowers, felt and ribbon and are super easy to make. I “painted” mine using a variety of things from markers, to regular paint. […]

Nerf Basketball Makeover

Have you ever looked at your Nerf basketball set and thought “That thing sure is drab…”  Well… we’ve got the answer!  With a little paper, some glue and scissors you can revamp it into something less boring and it’s super easy to do. You can use anything for your backdrop […]

Those Who Deny the Existence of Dragons are Often Eaten By Them

World of Warcraft. The word “game” is a misnomer.

Don’t worry. Everything is going to be amazing.

It’s Not Much But It’s All I Have

Just Sitting Here…

Crafting in the Raw – Making Do With What You Have

Calm down… I don’t really craft naked (though I’d never judge those of you who do.) As we’ve moved a lot I’m always looking for unique craft room ideas. In this particular home we lived it had a full basement. I decided to put my craft room on the unfinished […]

How To Stop Losing Your Cell Phone

113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute.1 I tell you this so you won’t feel bad if it happens to you more than you care to admit. But fear not! We have some very basic tips that can help you keep track of that expensive little gadget and […]

Place Card Holders (Free card download!)

I had a blast making these place card holders…  there’s just so many options! You can make them for any occasion, including kids parties. (Notice the alien cyclops dude).  You can print out your own cards if desired but I’ve included a download that has different colors of blank cards […]

A Fairy Bedroom Guys Will Like : Decorating For Couples

Whenever I see a husband and wife’s bedroom done all girly and feminine I always feel kinda bad for the guy. (I’m making an assumption, of course, that most guys would would probably prefer to not be swaddled in pink pastels and lacy things. And if you’re those of you […]

Natural Bug Spray Repellant & Anti-Itch Cream

I don’t mind bugs in general but when they attack me I draw the line.  I do that with a natural bug repellant because you should never  use standard bug repellant as that is basically putting poison directly into your body. Granted it’s not enough to kill you immediately, but […]

Birds on a Wire Note Set

  This little note can gift set uses an empty soup can. I used a smooth edge can  opener to remove the lid so there are no sharp edges.   The clothespins are dyed yellow with Rit Dye and the birds and label are provided as a free download.  Then toss […]

Simple Fridge Makeover!

Can’t buy that new refrigerator just quite yet? Give the old one a facelift! If you’ve ever wanted to makeover a large appliance but thought it was way too much work, there’s a way that’s quick and pain free. We’ve had our refrigerator for over a decade and it works […]

Why Going Barefoot is Best!

If you can’t remember when you went barefoot for at least 20 minutes please read on, because a growing number of doctors and podiatrist are speaking out about the negative impact of shoes on our overall health and how going barefoot can work wonders! I’ve gone barefoot since I was […]

Make a Countdown From Wood Slices For Any Event!

Here’s a fun way to make a countdown from wood slices to some special event that’s coming up!  Maybe a holiday, or someone coming to visit. Maybe its a long awaited vacation or days till you buy that special something you’ve been saving for. And of course the kids always […]