Make A Library Nook In a Small Home (& Organize It!)

Make and Organize a Library Nook in a Small Home blank630x20Think your home is too small to have a library? I just might prove you wrong!  Plus, I did it in a small 1,500 foot rental home!  This means I had to get extra creative.  It’s just Roy and I, but I managed to fit a music studio for Roy, an office for me, a photography studio area, an exercise area, a craft room and a library all into the 1,500 square feet.   My library nook is the one I’m most proud of.

The Nook Itself

I converted a dining room into a library on one side and craft room on the other by utilizing tall bookshelves as room dividers.  Though the library portion is fairly tiny it’s still large enough to fit in an awesome old wood chair my daughter made over for me and a lamp to read by. I added some really fun decor items and all my shelves are labeled by categories using gold labels.blank630x20



Organizing Books By Category

Organize Your Booksblank630x20

Our library consists of mostly non-fiction books and I’ve labeled my shelves by category with really nice gold inkjet stickers (equivalent to Avery 5267).  I’ve included the template for the labels I personally use if you’d like to download it.blank630x20

Download the Template
Replace the text with your own and delete any text you don’t need.

BLANK 800 x 75
BLANK 800 x 75

How It All Looks

The dining room was off the living room.

library nook-2BLANK 800 x 75

As it’s just Roy and I we have a small table in the kitchen. You can see the doorway.library nook-4
BLANK 800 x 75

My divider wall of bookshelves.

library nook-5
BLANK 800 x 75

library nook-6
BLANK 800 x 75
Behind this nook area is my larger crafting area which also has bookshelves back to back.library nook-7

BLANK 800 x 75 Decorating : My Favorite Part!

These are large family photos taken when we all went to a costume party dressed as pirates. Seemed like a good spot for them!

library nook-11

BLANK 800 x 75
There is a post coming SOON that shows how you can make a lamp with a message using only paper! Subscribe to get notified!

Make a Library Nook Lamp

BLANK 800 x 75

My daughter bought me this large reading fairy years ago and it’s been in my library ever since. You’ll also notice the battery operated twinkle lights. I love twinkle lights!
(Amazon has a huge selection. Save yourself some heartache and get LED!)


BLANK 800 x 75A Jar of Bookmarks

BLANK 800 x 75
I have a few fiction books in my library. They are mostly beautiful photo books on fairies, gnomes, dragons, etc. I decorated that shelf appropriately with a dragon sculpture my daughter made and with some dragon eggs including the bell jar display that I made. Bell Jar Tutorial  Dragon Egg #1 Tutorial  Dragon Egg #2 Tutorial

BLANK 800 x 75

BLANK 800 x 75So if you own a lot of books and think there is no place to put them I bet there just might be some tiny spot you could turn into your own library nook! As the old adage says: Where there’s a will there’s a way!

BLANK 800 x 75BLANK 800 x 75Make and Organize a Library Nook in a Small Home SQBLANK 800 x 75

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