31 Trash the Dress Ideas! ( Free Kit)

Despite the name, “Trash the Dress” is really about taking photos in very unusual situations while wearing your wedding dress. Should you choose, some of those ways can be fairly dramatic… and the dress might not make it out alive. But others are not so final in outcome and can […]

Decorate a Lamp Shade With Messages : Express Yourself!

Your lamps can hold surprise messages when they’re turned on! It’s just a matter of tacking a paper message behind your shade. This can be done using an X-acto knife, dark paper and a little patience, or if you’re lucky enough to have a Silhouette cutting machine, you can use […]

How To Color Clothespins!

Color your clothespins easily with these methods! You can then use them for a huge variety of crafts and useful items!  I’ve dyed them, hand painted them and spray painted them.  Dying is is by far the easiest method in my opinion,   but the other ways work fine too. […]

Ideas For a Fairy Wedding!

Looking for something different to do for your wedding or reception? Invite the fairies!   (Well, not literally though we can’t promise that  they won’t attend.)  Our daughter decided to have a fairyland themed outdoor wedding and reception combined.   So we’re sharing her ideas and hints on how to add […]

Digitizing Decades : How To Get Old Photos, Slides & Negatives Onto Your Computer

Getting your old photos and negatives onto your computer is not all that difficult. Just a little time consuming! I have literally  thousands of black and white photo negatives which have been stuffed in a box for decades. I also had thousands of slides from my youth that were never […]

Soda Bottle Carry Alls

Fun little carry all containers for storing just about anything that will fit! Another wonderful way to upcycle those plastic soda bottles.  Supplies Needed Plastic Soda Bottles, straight sides preferred. Aprox. 32 oz size is shown. X-acto Knife Goo Gone Material Pull string cord of some type. Glue Gun Sewing […]

Make A Library Nook In a Small Home (& Organize It!)

Think your home is too small to have a library? I just might prove you wrong!  Plus, I did it in a small 1,500 foot rental home!  This means I had to get extra creative.  It’s just Roy and I, but I managed to fit a music studio for Roy, […]

Cleaning Tips : Speed Dusting – Do It Like the Pros!

Is dusting a dirty word at your house? Well, we have the mother of all cleaning tips! With the right tool and a little specific knowledge it’s a breeze! My mom used to tell me that all a feather duster does is move the dirt around. That’s pretty much true […]

Turn Old CD’s & Plastic Cups into Bird Feeders

Who doesn’t have old CDs or DVDs lying around? We’ve got a great upcycle way for our feathered friends to have yummy stuff to eat.  There are two different types of feeders you can make and we personally tested both types. The birds were thrilled! Supplies Needed 1 CD or […]

Clothespin Necklace Holder

It’s an organizer and  a craft!  BONUS! I used a left over wood plaque from my Bell Jar project but you can get these plaques at craft stores super cheap. I’ve seen them at dollar stores too. I spray painted clothespins silver then glued on some jewels I’d saved from […]

A Tree in the Living Room : Dare To Be Different!

I’m a huge believer in living outside the box. (It’s to dark and cramped in there.) My home reflects this and at any given time you will find at least two large trees in my house.  OK, so they’re not live trees but they’re still pretty cool. I LOVE trees […]

Speed Clean With This DIY Pocket Apron

Would you like something simple that helps your zip through your cleaning routine? This little speed clean pocket apron will do the trick! It’s made from a dish towel and if you equip it as shown you’ll be amazed how much faster you can clean each room! Speed Clean Apron […]

Outside Snack Holder DIY (CD & Plastic Cup)

What a fun and charming way to have a snack while you’re outside throwing a party, BBQ or just lounging around enjoying the day!  These are perfect for any occasion as you can color them up in any way you choose!  All this simple upcycle project takes is one  CD […]

Clothespin Spring Necklaces

  Yes, you can use laundry items to make a pretty necklace! Some chain, clothespins springs and beads are all it takes. (I used a jewel from an old broken bracelet for one of them.)    I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal and these spice up my casual wear […]