Coffee Filter Twinkle Light Flowers

Coffee Filter Twinkle Lights blank630x20

This is another idea courtesy of our daughter Jennifer who’s creativity knows no bounds. We are both fans of twinkle lights. She was visiting Roy and I for a week and I awoke one morning to find these lit up on a shelf.  The supplies? A string of twinkle lights, some coffee filters, raffia and some green floral tape.  The result is a beautiful upcycle decor item. I had her reproduce the steps while I photographed them. Each jenny.creationflower takes about 1 minute to make and as you can see the result is gorgeous.

Twinkle Light Notes: Regular twinkle lights are very inexpensive but they do burn out eventually. I’ve started buying LED Twinkle Lights. They cost a little bit more but don’t burn out which is nice for projects like this. You can also buy the battery operated one’s that don’t need to be plugged in.  All types are linked to Amazon at the very bottom of this post. I buy my LED  and battery operated ones there. The cheap one’s can be found during the holidays at the dollar stores or pretty much any store.


Supplies Needed

  • Twinkle Lights, any length. (I prefer LED s)
  • Coffee Filters (Buy the  1 to 4 cup size)
  • Raffia Ribbon (On a spool not in the bags. The ribbon holds a curl.)
  • Green Floral Tape


Visual Instructions

Each flower takes about 1 minute to make once you get the method down. Scrunching the filter correctly is important so that it does not pull/apart easily and is sealed in place when you add the floral tape. You could possibly add a little hot glue to help hold the scrunch in place if needed. Just test a few out to see what works best for you.


Video Instructions


This is exactly where I found these lights when I woke the morning after she made them as a surprise. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot. That’s Roy and me on our wedding day.







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