Make PDF eBooks From a Paperback or Hardback Book

Have you ever wanted to read a book on your Kindle or other eReader but quickly learned that there were no digital versions available? That’s happens more times than I can count on older books and as I’m someone who’s gotten pretty spoiled to only reading electronically it’s pretty annoying. […]

Scrumptious Lentil Loaf aka Meatless Meatloaf

A meatless meatloaf? Say what??? Yet here it is in all it’s glorious yumminess! I never consider things like this as a “replacement” for something else but just a delicious dish in and of themselves. But this does looks exactly like a meatloaf so hence the quirky title of this […]

Unique Planters From Soda Bottles

Here are three pretty ways to upcycle soda bottles and convert them into lovely planters! Using various sizes of bottles there are a whole variety of indoor plants you can use these for. There’s even one that waters itself! They take no time at all to make and can be […]

Dragonfly Note Holder

Who wouldn’t want this cute little guy hanging around? A clothespin and a little piece of screen with some wiggle eyes makes this darling little guy! You can make him any color you want or give a set of them as gifts. You can easily make this by cutting your […]

Photo Shoot Area For Bloggers

As a blogger I know the importance of having high quality photos for my articles. Since I write so many articles I needed a spot in my home that was assigned just for my photo taking needs. I came up with an idea that works great! I partitioned out a […]

Baked Onion Rings

  If you’ve cut back on deep fried foods for health reasons, here’s a recipe that should make you smile. Crunchy, delicious baked onion rings that are healthy and low-fat! We’ve got detailed visual instructions along with the recipe you can print out. Visual Instructions for Baked Onion Rings Cut […]

Herb Plant Labels DIY (Free Printables!)

Here is yet another wonderful use for clothespins! Use them as herb markers. We created several sets with different designs for you to download. All you need is some clothespins! Supplies Downloadable labels below Clothespins 2 7/8″ long. These are what I used Glue Mod Podge or clear coating Downloads […]

Coffee Filter Twinkle Light Flowers

This is another idea courtesy of our daughter Jennifer who’s creativity knows no bounds. We are both fans of twinkle lights. She was visiting Roy and I for a week and I awoke one morning to find these lit up on a shelf.  The supplies? A string of twinkle lights, […]

Enchanted Wooden Chair Makeover

  Turn an old wooden chair into something magical! While my daughter Jennifer was visiting us she helped me do some fun and unique decorating. She found this awesome old chair at a local thrift store and brought it home. She then proceeded to recover, paint and decorate it in […]

Quick Veggie Slaw Burger : A Delicious Veggie Burger!

Sometimes you want something to eat that’s easy to make. If you’re into eating healthier this can be tricky.  I keep a few things on hand for when I don’t feel like making something healthy from scratch. These veggie burgers are one of them. There are a variety of brands […]

Easy Stand Alone Fairy Doors

Whether you believe in fairies or not these little doors are lovely little accents to any room! They are so simple to make using popsicle sticks and wood bases that you can get at any craft store. Decorate them with whatever you have around the house, which is what I […]

Chewing Gum Holder/Saver

Ok, this might be a little weird for some of you. I’m a gum chewer. I chew Xylitol gum regularly because it prevents and can heal tooth decay. However I like to chew gum and not have a burst of flavor each time so I’ll save my gum over a […]

Inexpensive Herb Closet Makeover!

  I realize not many people have an “herb closet” but the ideas shown would work for a variety of closets!  As we are very much into holistic and natural healing I have a lot of herbs, essential oils, vitamins, homeopathic items and more, which is why I have a […]

Most Delicious Vegetarian Wrap Recipe Ever! Tortilla Boogies

We’ve been making Tortilla Boogies since the late 80’s, believe it or not.  It’s truly the most delicious wrap recipe I’ve ever eaten. I learned about them from the best selling book at the time Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.   This recipe was in that book and […]

Easy Soda Bottle Tools: Drip Catcher, Funnel, Scoop & Pasta Holder

We’ve got a few simple upcycle things you can make with soda bottles! I use these myself regularly and they are awesome! Some work best with specific sizes of bottles. Basic Supplies X-acto Knife Glue Gun Goo Gone Dry Erase Markers (Perfect for marking the bottles) Various Sizes of Soda […]

World Globe Makeover

I love globes and I’ve seen some of the awesome makeovers people have done with old ones. So I hit eBay looking for one I could purchase and re-do. Ends up even used ones in poor shape were pretty pricey. But I kept checking and eventually found one that I […]

Cayenne, Vinegar & Honey : A Daily Dose of Health

Stopping heart attacks and bleeding are just a couple things that cayenne can do for you. (As if that’s not enough!) Taken every day its a phenomenal tonic for your heart and overall health.  I call these Cayenne Shots as I take them in a shot glass I got at […]

Home Alien Invasion (aka Husband’s With Too Much Free Time)

  So I leave my husband alone for a day, and what happens? Aliens invade. I realize that begs a bit more of an explanation. I’d been married for 31 years at the time. I was away for the weekend and Roy and our 25 year old daughter Amy who […]