iPhone Stand (Works for Most Smart Phones)

Need a phone stand in a pinch? (And I do mean “pinch”)  Grab four clothespins!   I spray painted mine as you can see. These are not glued together… you clamp them together each time you want to use them. Clamp one on each side and then clamp the other two […]

No More Tangled Earbuds! DIY Earbud Holder

Everyone hates tangled earbuds! Here’s a quick wonderful way to make earbud holders using two clothespins. Customize them in any color you like with matching Washi tape. These make great little gifts and are simple enough even kids can make them. DIY Earbuds Supplies 2 Clothespins Paint Washi Tape Glue […]

Quick Fun Fan Pulls

If you’ve got ceiling fans in your home there’s no reason you can’t fancy them up a bit with some simple but creative fan pulls. We tested a variety of items and found some worked better than others. Make sure you read the notes to get pointers on the best […]

Easy Halloween Craft Treat Holders (From Plastic Bottles)

These fun little Halloween craft creative treat holders are perfect for Halloween or even a party with an alien theme! All it takes are soda bottles. The cyclops also used an old CD. Add a few extras and come up with your own creatures.  Fun for any age! Supplies for […]

Beautiful String Dispenser (from soda bottle)

You can make a very beautiful string dispenser in minutes! Use any size bottle you wish. I used a plastic 16 oz coke bottle because I liked the curved design. Talk about a great upcycle! String Dispenser Supplies Plastic 16 oz bottle Drill Ribbon Glue Artificial Flowers Ball of twine […]

A Bird in the Hand : A Story of Love & Trust

This is about one of those times when everything comes together to create a little magic. It happened to our daughter Jennifer and her sister Amy, who took the photos you see. Jennifer wrote it up in her own words. The Bird By Jennifer After returning to my parents from […]

Clip On Clothespin Bows

  Little felt bows to decorate your life with! The bows shown use the very small clothespins that are about 2″ long. These are fun to clip onto gifts and other things! The pattern for the bow is a free download. Supplies Tiny 2″ clothespins Felt of various colors. Scissors […]

5 Minute Stylish Clothespin Craft Container

This is one of those things you can whip up fast but it looks like it took much longer. I used a tuna can and clipped dyed clothespins around the edge. No gluing needed, though you may want to glue some decor on the front like I did. These can […]

Clothespin Photo Holder Display

Very simple decor item here.  Glue clothespins onto wooden shish-kabob skewers. You can dye them or paint them if desired though I liked the raw wood look. Then stick them into any tall display vase you have and add photos. FYI: It’s helpful if you have some Styrofoam in the […]

Delicious Broccoli Rabe : A Healthy Sandwich

To be honest, this is one of those things when I first saw it I cynically said… “A broccoli rabe sandwich? Yeah right.”  Holy crap… was I wrong. This is in our families top 5 favorite meals and they are delicious! It’s a fact: I’ve never fed it to meat […]

Curtain Pull Backs From Old CD/DVDs

Want a super creative way to hold back your curtains? Well, here it is! It’s an upcycle project that uses an old CD and a chopstick (or a dowel.) Decorate them with some ribbon, artificial flowers and a glue gun and you can make them match any color scheme you […]

Making the Switch To Digital Photo Albums

THE 21ST CENTURY ROCKS! As a baby boomer I’ve seen the transition from life without computers to a life where I can’t imagine NOT having computers and it’s given me an extra appreciation for the time I live in.  Digital cameras are just one of many wonderful things that this […]

Stop Those Cravings! Tips To Reduce Appetite

Cravings… we all have ’em even if we’re not on a diet. But when you’re trying to cut back on certain things that’s when they really rear their ugly head. I recently went on a raw juice diet for two weeks so I had to deal with them a little […]

Little Sock Chicks

This cute little pair of chickies can be made in a matter of minutes! All you  need is a pair of toddler socks, some ribbon and anything you’d like to use for eyes. Put them in an Easter basket, give them as gifts or even turn into sachets by adding […]

Planning Inspiration Board Makeover

I took an old large wipe off board and gave it a quick makeover. This is where I keep track of what I need to do everyday for my website but it could certainly be used for a multitude of things such as an inspiration board or a family center. […]

Juicing For Health Recipes & Tips

Settle down and get comfy because we have OODLES of great information about juicing below!   Juice fasting was part of Roy and my journey to become healthier and lose weight using juices, green drinks and healthy eating! This week we’ll give you juicing recipes and some tips about things […]

Burlap Bunnies DIY

These bunnies aren’t just for Easter! They make a great decor item anytime of the year. A little bit of burlap, ribbon and stuffing is what you need. Whether you make one or a dozen they whip up super fast and would make a lovely gift! Supplies Small amount of […]

Tip Out Hidden Sink Drawer

I do love nooks and crannies to put thing in! When I first saw this I knew I’d eventually have to have some. There’s something extra special about secret hidey spots that appeal to the sneaky in me. (Not that my sink sponges and Brillo Pads are something I need […]

All About Juicing

j It’s week two of  “Roy & Nancy Do Plants” where we are detailing our juice and smoothie fast and then moving into eating only low fat, non-processed live foods in an effort to get healthier and lose weight. In our first post we told you why we started and […]

Inexpensive Lovely Serving Platter

This platter is ALL PLASTIC and cost me $2.00 to make. All it took was a set of clear plastic plates and a set of cups from the dollar store. (My daughter Jennifer helped with the decor ideas for this one.) Grab some photos, paper and ribbon and you can […]