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Roy and Nancy Do Plants!


Been wanting to do something to improve your diet, get healthier and lose weight? Roy and I just started a Juice and Green Drink Fast  to do just that and we’ve decided to share our short journey along with other helpful information on how to do it.   Roy and I will document our progress for a few weeks while giving hints, tips, recipes, free downloads and other fun stuff should you want to try a fast or even just move into healthier eating. So hop on board for an informative and entertaining ride as you follow along with our wins and struggles. We’ll try to make it worth your while!

First off let us give you some background and why we started our juice and green drink fast. My guess is that many of you will relate to a lot of it.


Nancy’s Story

Nancy Before and After

Nancy Left 2005 Right 2006

I lost a good deal of weight a few years back. I only did one thing to lose it. I changed my diet. Weight loss was not my goal it, was just a side effect. I had done a lot of research to know what type of food the human body biologically needed to be the healthiest and heal.  I changed my diet because I was having a pain issue that I was trying to cure and being a firm believer that the body can heal itself of anything if treated properly and fed correctly, I did just that.

Without even trying I dropped 60 lbs in a matter of months. I was not exercising either which by the way, is kinda important.  But I was hurting too much to do so.

After the weight loss I looked great, if I do say so myself. But I still had my pain. That pain continued for several years as I tried a variety of natural methods to correct it. Now most things that are wrong with the body can be corrected fairly quickly with a change of diet, even more serious diseases. But some things take longer depending on their nature, i.e. structural things are tougher to heal.

I finally headed to a doctor as a last resort as I was suffering so much. An X-ray showed I had three back conditions. Arthritis of the spine, Scoliosis and Degenerative Disc Disease. They could do nothing for any of them. Now the arthritis is easy to help with diet. Degenerative disc disease is a bit harder. Scoliosis, harder yet. Despite the fact I’m pretty anti-pharmaceutical, but my doctor prescribe two low end pain drugs, Tramadol and Robaxin. I took these for a year however they helped minimally. I finally stopped taking them because I knew they were damaging my body and I was getting no relief.

I was unsure which of my conditions was causing the pain and I had to spend a great deal of time in bed. This did some pretty detrimental things to my metabolism. Though I was still eating well, no meat, no dairy, mostly plants and non-processed foods, I started to put on weight. I dug in and began to try even more natural treatments. It felt at times like I was making no progress. It was only when I could step back after a few months and look at the past few years as a whole that I saw the small improvements in my pain problem.

After an even longer period of time had gone by I kept eating as well as I could, with minor periods of being lax. I finally went back to a doctor again for a checkup. I told him of my struggles. He wanted to prescribe the same drugs I’d been given before. As it had been a while and I was desperate I decided to try them yet again. I started with only the Tramadol to see how I felt and lo and behold… it got rid of my pain. That was a HUGE progress. It also validated that what I’d been doing for so long was working albeit slowly.

There’s another very important effect of my more natural way of eating that I had incorporated years ago. I have not had a single cold in a decade. I don’t catch anything. My immune system is phenomenal. Which means my chances of any cancers, heart disease, diabetes etc is virtually none. Despite still having pain that was a big win I was after.

All I had to do now is keep working on healing so I could get off the meds for good and lose the extra weight. I buckled down on my eating habits. However, I wasn’t losing as much weight as I had the first time. I can only guess it was because my metabolism was shot from those years of not moving.

Recently I decided I needed to kick start things a bit with a juice fast. Which brings my story up to date.


Roy’s Story

Roy Rivers 2014As I’ve entered into my more mature years, (funny to hear myself say that because I still act and feel like I’m in my 30’s) I’ve been taking stock as to what’s going on with my body, and for the first time, in many ways, I’m realizing that the time is now to get some control of a few things that are going downhill.

I’ve noticed that my metabolism has really started to get sluggish.  As a musician, I find I’m much more creative in the evenings and late at night.  Probably because the house is all mine at that time.  No interruptions, less traffic noise, and the phone stops ringing as often.  It’s not unusual for me to be up until 2-3:00am.  The problem with this is that I often get hungry around midnight.  If I eat, I’m almost certain to get acid reflux in the night because my body isn’t digesting things like it used to.

Nancy has always had a better and deeper knowledge of health, disease prevention, and diet than me.  She’s always encouraged me to eat better.  We’ve had countless discussions about the state of our own health, the nation’s health, the way that food companies care about profits and selling more  of their products rather than the health of their customers. The role of big pharma and how practically every disease has its roots in diet.  I’ve watched lots of documentaries about the jaded and sadistic treatment of animals on factory farms, the way all the antibiotics, steroids, and disease transfers from these terrible conditions right to our dinner tables, the rise and power of companies that I consider criminal who are purposely misleading us… directly towards our death… for profit.  It’s no wonder we’re fat and sick as a nation.

As I’m looking at my overall health status and not liking what I see I’ve got some new resolve about my growing concern over the way I’m actually living.  There’s a vanity factor for sure, (I am an entertainer after all!) but for years I’ve pushed my health reality to the back of my mind.  I think it just wasn’t bugging me enough to do something substantial about it.  It bothers me to say it that way, but I think I just felt like I wasn’t at enough of a risk yet.  I also realize that I’ve been reacting in just the way I’ve been conditioned to act. Stress affects people in different ways. MY stress, my self-image, my deteriorating health, and my witnessing of how my health is changing my daily life is enough for me right now.  I’ve got to do something that’s more action and less talk.




Roy’s Green Drink Smoothie

Roy Makes A Green SmoothieHere is what I put in my green smoothie that I have twice a day. I tend to add less veggies whereas Nancy adds a lot more. But I’m new to this and need the added sweetness from fruit to ensure I’ll stay with it. I’ll gradually be increasing the veggies.

Place all these into a  blender and blend till smooth.  We use a Vitamix but any heavy duty blender should work.  We’ve linked to the actual items we purchase and use.

  • 1.5 cups of ice water,
  • 1/2 of a single stalk of organic Romaine lettuce
  • Small handful of organic Spinach
  • Small handful of organic Kale
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 5 pieces of frozen banana (about 1 whole banana),
  • 1tablespoon of powdered Psyllium Husk (Optional but great for fiber, thickening the smoothie and cleaning out the colon. It doesn’t affect taste at all.)
  • 1 tablespoon of a chocolate protein powder (Optional but I love the flavor. It helps sweeten it with Stevia.)

NOTES: You can add any frozen fruit you prefer. The key is to get as many greens in it as you can. Baby spinach has barely any flavor so you can add a really big handful and not taste it. It just makes your drink green.

Roy Enjoys His Green Drink


Roy’s Progress

By Roy
Fast Start Date: February 2nd 2015

For the first two weeks I drank only green drinks/smoothies and worked on doing some detoxing.  I have a green smoothie in the morning and evening. (Recipes coming!)  The first two days went fairly smoothly. On day 4 I started to detox and felt fluish, headachey and basically like crap for about three days. At the risk of being gross… I was also coughing up tons of crap. Ick. But it finally passed and I started feeling better.  Into the 3rd week  I started putting solid food back into my diet, but significantly healthier food.  I made a pot of pinto beans.  I made some healthy baked vegetable egg rolls and homemade hummus.  I’ve also gotten into eating oranges and apples.  I never liked fruit that much but I can’t believe how good those taste! My pallet is cleaning out and changing big time!  Also I’m noticing moments where I have greater clarity in my thinking which has been a bit foggy now for a while.

  • What Our Refrigerator Looks Like NowFebruary 9th: 6 lbs lost (Week 1)
  • February 16th: 4 lbs lost (Week 2)
  • February 23rd:  6 lbs lost (Week 3)


Nancy’s Progress

By Nancy
Fast Start Date: February 16th 2015

February 23rd: 5 lbs lost (Week 1)

I started my fast a couple weeks after Roy, though the word “fast”  in both of our cases seems out of place when you’re taking in large amounts of nutrients. I have 4 or 5 large glasses of fresh fruit or veggie juice every day. The first 6 days were fairly easy. If my stomach started cramping from hunger, drinking a juice would stop it. I had a few cravings but just kept busy and they went away. On day 7 and 8 I had some pretty bad cravings and those were my hardest days so far.  But I’ve got some tips I’ll be sharing that help me through those times when I have them. Keeping busy is the biggest help!


Coming Up In Week 2

Next week’s post will be all about juicing. You’ll learn a little about juicers and I’ll show you mine along with how to use it and some hints and tips on fruits and vegetables. We’ll also detail what you can expect during a juice fast. Plus an update on Roy’s and my progress.

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