No Sew Soft Sleeping Masks (plus sewn version)

I had some left over fleece from another project (i.e. arm warmers)  and I wanted to use it somehow. This stuff is SO soft and comfortable against the skin that I thought sleeping masks would be a great choice.  I whipped up a basic pattern and had a couple made […]

How Our Son Cured the Incurable

We came close to losing our son Charles a few years back   His story is a testament to how the body can heal itself. I know people who have cured themselves of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions that are considered “incurable”.  My son Charles is one of those […]

3 Box Rule Dejunking : Key To Easy Clutter Removal!

The 3 Box Rule has helped me the most in my efforts to dejunk my home. I’ve used it for years and still do every time I clean out an area in my house. So simple yet so effective! These three boxes with a couple other instructions will aid you […]

Cleanse & Bless Your Home with a Sage Smudging Ceremony

A smudging ceremony is a Native American ritual that has a spiritual and practical use.  Roy’s grandparents were Native American, and like the people themselves, Roy has a strong  love and respect for nature and the earth. Smudging fits right in. It is a type of blessing where you spread […]

How To Diffuse An Argument

Since my teenage years I’ve found myself acting as a mediator between family members, friends, business associates, and occasionally even casual acquaintances.  How I came to this role stems from when I first used the word “compromise” while trying to negotiate with my dad about growing my hair longer at […]

Kitty Cat Trio

You might remember our black cat set we made from 2×4’s for Halloween. These are some other color kitty cats that you can display year round! A Siamese, a Tabby and Calico, though you can of course paint any breeds you wish.  This is another craft designed by our very […]

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye : Heal Cavities!

“Xylitol is not only beneficial to the body it can heal cavities.” Want to not only prevent future cavities but heal cavities you have? This amazing but simple plan can do it. It can also help heal gum disease and sensitive teeth. As someone who was plagued by tooth problems […]

He’s Just a Cat…. Right?

6:30 am this morning and it’s still dark outside. I walk down our stairs to get my breakfast with just enough light to barely see the steps. On my way back up, as I’m about to round the mid-step turn,  something with claws reaches out and swipes me on the […]

Treat Holder from CD DVD Spool : CD Crafts Ideas

This nifty little recycled treat display holder is part of our CD Crafts category. Its made from a spindle container that houses 50  CDs or DVDs.  It’s perfect for holding bagels, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other small food items and a wonderful unique way to give a special treat to […]

Wood Slice Photo or Note Stand

Need a unique valentines gift? These charming little photo holders are super easy to make.  You could create a whole set of them for yourself or to give as a gift. They also double as a note holder for a more practical use!  There’s also a free pdf sheet with […]

Why Silliness Is Key To a Great Marriage

If I had to pick one thing that I’d attribute to my ongoing 37 year love affair with my husband, it would be humor. Yes, other traits are just as important, but humor is the thing that sticks out first and foremost to me. It has helped us through some […]

Make a Quick Love Note Kit

Here’s a fun way to show people that you love them. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike as they look for sneaky places to leave the notes! It’s an inexpensive Love Note Kit you can whip up in no time. Everything you need just might be lying around the […]