What’s On My Toolbar : FREE Stuff I Can’t Live Without

Being a computer geek for decades I’ve come to rely on quite a few little tools that help me do various things. Some I’ve used for years and wanted to share them with you in case you’d find them useful. They’re all FREE. (Though a couple do have paid upgrades.) […]

CD Envelope Treat Holder With Printables

This is a fun little way to give someone a special treat whether it be as a “thank you” for something or “just because”.  They’re perfect for holidays like Valentines day! All you need is some CD envelopes and our free printable labels. The envelops are the perfect size for […]

Lovely Jewelry Stand From CD Spool

This upcycle  jewelry stand is made from a plastic CD holder that comes with every stack of 100 count CDs or DVDs. Pretty clever huh?  It also uses a small (as in circumference) tube from a roll of foil.  A little paint, paper and felt and you’ve got a beautiful […]

Font Organizing Can Be Fun!

Have lots of fonts? You’re gonna LOVE this article. Have only a few? You’re still gonna love it.  All you need is the right software… and this is your lucky day because there just happens to be a TOTALLY FREE font utility available that is just awesome. I’ve purchased many […]

How I Learned To Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

This experience was the type where life smacks you upside the head and says “Pay attention!” It happened a few years back when our kids were in their teens and our two middle ones had a rebellious streak that lasted a couple years (and aged Nancy and I about 20!) […]

Charming Soda Bottle Bracelet DIY

You won’t believe what these beautiful bracelets are made from.  A plastic soda bottle and some scraps. I could have made about 50 of them they are so quick and easy.  Ahhh… I can see it now.  A whole wardrobe of colorful bracelets to match any outfit. (If this were […]

Appreciate a Dragon Day : Fantastic Ideas!

  Yes… there is indeed an official day to celebrate dragons! January 16th of every year is  “Appreciate a Dragon Day“. It’s one of those  observances you might not be aware of unless of course you travel in dragon circles.  We’re big fans of dragons over here so we decided […]

Anatomy of a Well Organized Junk Drawer

There always seems to be that one drawer, typically in the kitchen, where small things get placed that we’d like to have handy. This drawer usually starts out nice and neat but somewhere along the line something goes horribly wrong… and before we know it, it has mutated into a […]

Creamy DAIRY FREE Potato Soup

Yes it’s true. You can make a creamy potato soup with absolutely no dairy whatsoever. Its a hearty, thick, chunky, soup that is totally healthy and delicious. All it takes is potatoes and some seasonings. A big steaming bowl of this with a chunk of crusty bread on the side […]

Treadmill Laptop Desk Tutorial

I really  wanted to be able to use my laptop on my treadmill. I searched online for treadmill desks but was not impressed. They were also expensive. So  I told Roy that I’d love to have some sort of platform made so I could sit my laptop on it while […]

Best Posts of 2014!

2014 was our very first year and it’s been a great one! We’ve found a welcoming home in the blogging community and have been so grateful for all those who have and continue to visit our site to get ideas and inspiration. As we are still growing and finding our […]