TP Roll Black Candles Halloween Decor

I love upcycle crafts that don’t resemble the item they are upcycled from. This Halloween Decor  fits the bill and they are so fun to make! You can of course make them any color for any holiday. Everything you need can pretty much be bought from the dollar store. I […]

Noodles & Veggies : Healthy One Pot Meals

I love quick meals with few dishes that are also good for you.  This one belongs in the category of Healthy One Pot Meals. Takes 15 minutes. You toss everything into the pot but the cabbage and rice vinegar and cook it for 9 minutes. Add your cabbage and vinegar […]

Gnome In A Cup : A Fun DIY Nature Craft

This little craft combines a little magic with a little nature.  It’s great for kids and adults alike.  I made one gnome in a soda bottle bottom and one in a glass cup. I actually liked the soda bottle version better because I was able to adjust the height. Supplies […]

Plastic Frame to Post-it Note Holder

 This is one of those plastic frames that sit on a table or shelf. You can typically find them anywhere including the Dollar Store which is where I got mine.With a minimal of work I turned it into a pretty post-it note holder.  These are so easy to customize to […]

Make Your Own Easels! (Free Printables)

We’ve got bunches of tiny easels that are inexpensive and easy to make! These are for smaller items and work great for  4 x 6 images. You probably have most of the supplies laying around the house already. We’ve got free quotes to download below if you want to have […]

Make Your Own Pink Tool Set

You can go out and buy some ready made pretty pink tools but I found a quick inexpensive way to feminize up the tools I already had!  The price to do this was the cost of a roll of pink duct tape. I then used some matching wall stickers for […]