Pita Pizza Kit & Recipe

<— Does pizza make you do this?   Well here’s a mouthwatering version that’s fast and good for you. I’ve eaten these pizza’s every day for  weeks at a time. It’s the only meal that I never get tired of. Because of this I keep a “kit” in my fridge that […]

Classy Key Rings With Duct Tape

Colored duct tape is SO fun to work with!  You can do a myriad of things with it besides just holding stuff together. One very simple and classy looking craft is key rings otherwise known as key fobs. With all the wonderful new colors and prints of Duct Tape you […]

Plastic Bottle Crafts

  The best and most unique plastic bottle crafts anywhere! We used soda bottles for most of ours but any plastic bottles work great! You’ll find a growing selection of ideas on this page, many of which are useful items.  Soda bottle crafts are awesome!

Fun Wind Spinner from Soda Bottle

  A fun yard toy that can be used two ways! You can put a dowel into the ground and stick it on that or you can also hang it from a tree. Either way, when the wind blows it spins like crazy! You can see it in action below. […]

Soda Bottle Flower Stamp

The bottoms of soda bottles make great stamps for fabric or paper. I made a quick wall hanging using them. You have to make sure you get a bottle that has a more flat surface on the bottom area or else you’ll just get dots for petals!  I used a […]

Cayenne Stops Bleeding & Heart Attacks Instantly (video)

“It will stop bleeding instantly and it will stop a heart attack or stroke instantly.” Cayenne is one of those dramatic herbs. It can save a life instantly in an emergency. Like most herbs it also  treats a variety of things from wounds to ulcers and is incredibly beneficial as […]

Unique Clothespin DIY Ideas

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Here’s a unique way to make a bird house from a soda bottle complete with scalloped roof! Supplies Needed One 2 liter soda bottle. One 32.8 oz soda bottle. Popsicle Sticks Spray paint of choice. Glue gun Goo Gone X-acto Knife Wire Drill Remove labels and use Goo Gone to […]

DIY Candle Holders From Soda Bottles

I love upcycle crafts where it’s hard to tell what the original item was. In my opinion, this one qualifies for that quite well. These DIY candle holders are made from plastic soda bottles. Typical taper candles fit snugly into the tops. Like our Soda Bottle Creative Gift Wrap Ideas  […]

Pimp Your Keys : Plus Removable Bling!

I just bought a unique car that’s all mine and its so me. Since my car matches who I am so we well I wanted to decorate my keys to do the same. I only have three keys on my keyring but I have a ton of bling. My keys […]

Healthy Ice Cream in a Blender

Healthy ice cream made in less than 5 minutes.  That’s what we have here folks. This has been a staple in our diet for years and years.  It’s a treat you should eat and so should your kids as it’s made from food that nourishes you and help prevent disease. […]

Quick & Easy Recipe Binder (With Printables)

Are your recipes a mess? I’ve got a simple fix for that. My recipes have been pretty unorganized for a long time. I keep them on my computer in a folder.  However, I’m constantly finding new recipes to try and adding those into the same folder. Needless to say there’s […]