Best Hummus Ever! Quick & Healthy

This is indeed the BEST HUMMUS EVER! If you’ve never cared for it you gotta try this recipe. It’s quick and healthy too.  Takes 5 minutes to make and you can dip veggies in it, put it on a sandwich or my favorite which is to lightly toast whole wheat […]

Make Your Own Cold Packs!

These beautiful and pliable cold packs are amazing. They are so easy and cheap to make you’ll almost look forward to your next sprained muscle so you can use one! (Just kidding.)  You can also use them to help keep food cold in a lunch bag or just to help […]

Thrift Store Caddy Makeover

This caddy came from a thrift store.  I love anything organizey so I grabbed it for $1. It’s not that it looked too bad but I wanted a bit more modern style. With a little paint, some paper, ribbon and Mod Podge I gave it a face lift! \ Visual […]

Natural Hot Flash Relief!

” If you’re a mid-life gal there’s a 70% chance you’ve experienced or will experience these.” Hot flashes suck. I tried to explain them to Roy but it’s difficult. They are much more than just feeling warm all over. Severe ones make you literally not want to even be touched. […]

Quick DIY Bookends Made from CDs

Need some quick DIY bookends? Grab a couple of CDs or DVDs and a candle and you’ll have them in less than 5 minutes!  Though these are short they hold fairly decent sized books as you can see in the photo. These would be fun for kids books too as […]

Dragon Cake : A Visual DIY

  This guy was so awesome we felt bad eating him! What little kid… or even grownup would not love a dragon cake! Our daughter Jennifer made this and I wanted to share it though we only have a few visuals. The photos were taken long before I decided to […]

How To Make a Small Dragon Egg

This is are second dragon egg post! The first was a larger version made with a foam egg and thumbtacks.  This is a smaller one in a completely different style. Supplies Regular plastic Easter eggs or any plastic egg. ( You could even use silly putty eggs from the dollar […]

Healthy Strawberry Lemonade

Here is a quick healthy and light Strawberry Lemonade recipe using fresh fruit and no sugar.  It uses agave nectar to lightly sweeten it though honey could also be used if you’d like it a bit more sweet.   I used our local spring water to make it which our city […]