How To Make a Large Dragon Egg

Game of Thrones brought these into the public eye. I mean, how cool is a dragon egg? I wanted one. Bellow you’ll not only learn how to make a dragon egg but how to make one that looks spectacular and is easy an inexpensive! Can’t beat that. And if you […]

Cloches Made From Soda Bottles

  So I had some dragon eggs I needed to display. (No, I’m not kidding.)  I found the perfect solution! Cloches made from plastic soda bottles. (Also known as Bell Jars.) This is one of the coolest ways to recycle and upcycle something! They are very simple to create, the […]

Pixel Heart Necklace Tutorial

This cute little pixel heart necklace is incredibly easy to make.  All you need is some cardstock, glue and our free pattern.  A little tracing, a little cutting, a little gluing and your done! We’ve provided a pdf version of the pattern and a Silhouette file for those who have […]

Fast Nutritious Chocolate Sauce That Hardens!

I love it when I can  make desserts that are easy and fun and healthy. This sauce is one of my greatest finds ever. Takes 2 minutes to make, lasts for months in the fridge and tastes delicious. You can use it in dozens of ways, one of my favorites […]

Polenta Mexi-Meal Delicious Mexican Recipe

If you’re not familiar with polenta its basically boiled cornmeal. Now in and of itself that probably doesn’t sound too appetizing, but in reality it’s quite tasty. Cornmeal is a gluten free grain and can be used in a huge variety of ways, this delicious Mexican recipe is just one […]

DIY Angel Wings : Strap on a Pair!

These DIY angel wings make from paper plates that are large enough for adults.  All you need are paper plates, scissors, glue and ribbon. Toss on a little glitter for some extra magic and you’ve got a full spread wing set for any occasion!  If you a fan of things […]

Healthy Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Here’s a summer treat you can give the kids and not feel guilty about! (Though I eat them all year round and I’m not a kid.)  They’re also fun to prepare. To make it a simple process please read my notes. This stuff can be messy but if you follow […]

Make Quick & Pretty Hand Fans

Make these quick hand fans in minutes using a traditional wood clothespin and some heavy scrapbook paper. Wrap a little ribbon or twine around them and you have a beautiful way to cool off! You can make a dozen of these for parties or even lovely gifts in any colors […]

Make a Pretend Kids Garden Kit

Kids love playing in the dirt. (As do some adults!) In fact there’s a good bit of science that states dirt is good for us.  Here is a pretend kids garden set you can put together for next to nothing. I made one for our daughter little girl Alyssa Mae […]