Baked Egg Rolls

Need an Egg Roll that’s not dripping in fried grease? Got ya covered! This is another recipe that makes a regular appearance in our menu because everyone loves them! They are a baked version of Chinese Egg Rolls that are vegan, virtually zero fat and yep, you guessed it… healthy. […]

Sticky Good For You Popcorn

My kids always called the homemade caramel corn we would make “Sticky Popcorn”.  Back in the day, butter and sugar were the main ingredients for its gooey goodness.  But its incredibly simple to make a healthy, low fat  vegan version of this that’s delicious and lives up to it’s name […]

Asian Veggies & Noodles

This hot and spicy Asian dish will titillate your taste-buds! You can make it less spicy of course but I prefer to use Sesame Chili Oil rather than plain sesame oil. Gives it a kick! You can also use whatever noodles you like. I’ve even used spaghetti! I use Dynasty […]