My Ancestors Like To Hang Around

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I’m an only child but both my parents came from very  large families. They also happened to have possession of quite a few original ancestor photos of all sizes from large family portraits to small tin types. Some or the big ones are in their original frames from the early 1900’s. If you’re unfamiliar with tin types they were the equivalent of the Polaroid camera for the 1800’s.

For the past couple of decades my parents let me keep many of these photos hanging on a wall I dubbed “The Ancestor Wall” in my home.  It’s typically situated right when you walk in the door of whatever house we are in at the time, and everyone who enters our home always remark on it and enjoys looking it over.  In the home shown below they were on a wall in the living room.  It always gives me a strong sense of family to have them there and I plan on seeing their faces in my home for many years to come.





ancestor photo wall1
The woman in the center or the bottom is my mom.

ancestor photo wall8The man in the middle holding the little boy is my maternal great grandfather. The girl on the top left is my grandmother. This is the original frame.

ancestor photo wall7

ancestor photo wall6I found these wood dolls at a thrift store and my daughter Jennifer painted them for me. They are hanging on a unique necklace holder I found online a few years back.

ancestor photo wall5
The little boy you see near the middle is my dad. Underneath him is his dad.
ancestor photo wall4
ancestor photo wall3

ancestor photo wall2Below my ancestor wall. My parents on the left. A photo from their wedding day and another photo taken 55 years later. On the right is me and my parents in 1974.

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