Lima Beans, Pasta & Onions

FAST :: INEXPENSIVE :: HEALTHY  This is a very simple healthy meal to make. It’s only seasoned with salt and has a very mellow flavor.  You can of course add any spices you wish and even sauce if desired. I love plain pasta so I enjoy the flavor just as […]

Chia Fresca Super Drink!

  Chia is one of those foods that wears a cape… i.e. a SUPER FOOD! I had read some about chia seeds in my study of eating healthy through the years but never actually tried them. They are listed as the aforementioned a Super Food in many books.  Then I […]

Banana Oat Cookies : Dairy Free!

If your like me you’re always on the lookout for quick, healthy desserts.  Well, you can add this one to your repertoire! Its a wonderful healthy, vegan, fat-free snack. I ate the whole batch myself. (Oh common’… its two bananas as one cup of oats. Guilt free!)  I made mine […]

Family Portrait Wall : One Photo a Year For 18 Years

  We took a family photo every single year from the time we were married until all our kids went along their merry ways.  (We still take one when we manage to get ’em all together).  At this point we have 21 photos. “Anyone who has kids and has done […]

My Ancestors Like To Hang Around

I’m an only child but both my parents came from very  large families. They also happened to have possession of quite a few original ancestor photos of all sizes from large family portraits to small tin types. Some or the big ones are in their original frames from the early […]