Apples & Oats Dessert (No Dairy or Fat!)

This quick dessert dish makes my mouth water, which is a prerequisite for anything I eat.  It’s  comprised of apples, grains and a few spices with some healthy natural sweeter.  Feel free to experiment with things you might like to add such as nuts if you like your topping crunchier.  […]

Banana Coated French Toast – Non Dairy!

It’s hard to believe something that tastes this good is actually healthy.  It can be made fat free also depending on how you cook it and what bread you use. The coating is made with ripe bananas. It’s hot and gooey when done. If you choose to use a healthy […]

A Helping Hand : MRSA Staph Infection Healed Naturally

Warning: Some graphic photos follow.  Read how one man quickly cured his MRSA staph infection naturally when doctors we’re going to remove his finger and possibly his hand. This story is one of many in a long line of experiences we’ve had through the years healing various things, from the […]