A Library Corner Everyone Loves

A Library Corner Everyone Loves Shelf Wall

I’ve been surprised how this library spot seems to draw everyone in.  In this rental home I had to get creative in order to have a library so I came up with a method of using bookshelves as a wall and I made a nook on the side of one long room. Despite being small it has a large picture window on two sides which makes it feel very open. With a chair in the corner it’s the perfect place to be. It has a magical feel to it which is another draw I’m sure.

Roy loves sitting in the corner chair and reading his iPad. It’s Amy’s favorite spot to go to immediately after she wakes in the morning. She’ll sit in the chair and drink her morning smoothie while reading or gazing out the window.  One full shelf  is for Amy’s daughter Alyssa and her books. You can find her many times sitting on the floor or in the chair with one of her books with one as is seen in the photo I was able to take.   Even our kitty Love Cat loves laying in there when the sun shines through the window.




The plaque above the window is a quote from one of Roy’s songs. It says “Today is a gift that has come along. It’s the verse and the chorus to every song.” (Roy’s Music)

A Library Corner Everyone Loves Looking Inblank630x20 A Library Corner Everyone Loves Lyssas Booksblank630x20

My reading fairy is my favorite piece. My daughter Jennifer bought it for me as a gift. A Library Corner Everyone Loves Wall Shelfblank630x20

blank630x20Amy and Love Cat in their favorite spot.A Library Corner Everyone Loves Amy and Love Catblank630x20

Alyssa Reading. The bottom shelf on the left holds her books. We found the pink metal planter that you see behind her, at a thrift store. I use it to hold some of her favorites.

A Library Corner Everyone Loves



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